Tuesday, March 31, 2009

You'll be missed...

Some more happy news

After creating the post about our dear Andy, I'm up for some good and positive news. So well, here I go!

After dinner on Monday, George and I took our bikes for a spin. The weather was really lovely and after 17 km (a bit over 10 miles) we were home again.

Today I had to work from 8 till 13. All went well. George and I were supposed to go to the gym this afternoon. But he had some other chores he had to do, so we'll hit the gym tomorrow evening. Today, after we got back from all George's errands, we took our bikes to Boxmeer and back. The weather was really lovely again, so no jacket needed (though on the way back it would have been nice). After 24 km (15 miles) we were home again, just in time for the pizza's that Joyce had already ordered for us. Seeing my legs are pretty tired now, George and Joyce took Chance to her last doggy class. I really loved the drive on the bike in the sunshine and all, but with the wind and the work I had done today, it was just a bit too much for me.

So I am updating this blog with the sad Andy news and the more positive news about my bike rides.

Nothing more to post now though, so I'll leave it like it is now and I wish you all a very nice evening/morning/day/night (did I miss anything?).

TTFN Cynni xxx

R.I.P. Andy Hallett


Rest in Peace dear Andy

This morning I saw on Facebook that Andy Hallett (born August 4th 1975) died on March 29th, so aged 33. Such sad news... Andy is best known for his character "Lorne" in 79 episodes of the Buffy spin-off "Angel". He also had a small role in Amber Benson's indie movie "Chance".

It is said that Andy had heart troubles for the last 5 years and he finally lost his fight. He died in presence of his father. There will probably be a small service for family and friends this Saturday.


I'd like to wish everyone who loved Andy for his acting talent and singing talent and just for who he was much strength through these hard days. He died at a way too young age and he will be missed...


Monday, March 30, 2009



Photobucket finally finished the uploading of all my selected doggy pictures. I guess they won't need much explanation, so I'll just post away!

Enjoy! And as always, click on the picture for an enlargement...

Photobucket Photobucket
Before we went out for our walk

Photobucket Photobucket
Playing together

Walking in the sun

Photobucket Photobucket
Practicing and resting

Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket
Even Brutus did a trick for a doggy snack

Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket
Chance & Bo getting tired of all the fun they're having

Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket
Chance LOVES water...

Photobucket Photobucket
Two wet dogs, one almost dry one

Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

Photobucket Photobucket
At the McDonalds.

Photobucket Photobucket
Groupshots, made by Joyce

Photobucket Photobucket
The end...

Monday afternoon

@ my attic room
♪ Stand Away - Angra (from their "Angels Cry" album)
∆ it's sunny today *yay* (Sorry there's no "sun" label in this editor)

Hello everyone,

here I am again! As promised, I am currently uploading several pictures to my Photobucket™ account. So hopefully I can post some nice pictures that Joyce and I made yesterday as soon as possible. Though I must say that I think Photobucket has been faster with uploading pictures in the past. I started it about an hour ago, 33 pictures and now it's only at 51%. So it may be that I won't be able to post the promised pictures before this evening. But I am working on it so hopefully I am able to share it with all of you asap ;◦}

Ow and I am very delighted :◦} Today one of the prezzies that I ordered for Joyce's birthday arrived and it's really lovely! I am hoping, of course, that she'll like it as much as I do *winks & grins in a cheesy way*

Anyways... I will start my "story" about yesterday. Maybe Photobucket will hurry so I can edit the pictures into this post. Maybe not... I'll only know once I am ready to post this.

As I already told (wrote) you, Joyce, George and I went to the gym on Sunday morning. After about 1,5 hour we were quite done and headed towards the pool. We went into the sauna, took a cold shower afterwards, then a hot one to shampoo and got dressed and headed for home. We hang out the clothes to dry and ate lunch. After that, it was almost time to go to Nijmegen. the weather was lovely, better than it had been all week. I guess the weathergods knew that we had a "doggy walking" invitation and provided us with lovely weather. We went to the owners of Bo, a dog (and owners of course as well) we met at Chance's doggy classes. Bo and Chance are about the same age and size and both very energetic. Brutus was the underdog but with 6,5 years the oldest one, so when needed, he'd claim his leader of the pact status.

Before we went out for a walk with the 3 doggies, we drank something. And seeing the sun was shining lovely, we all went out for a nice walk. I'd wish I had some pictures to use, but they will follow asap! Promised! (75% uploaded now, sighs...). After a while, Eric had to head home to make preparations for his study the next day. We went on for a long walk. Chance and Brutus took a short swim. We climbed two bridges to get across the river and before heading home, we stopped at a McDonalds for some ice creams and milkshakes. After that we went back to Bo's place *winks*. Some more drinks later, we headed back home.

I made dinner and after that we watched a DVD of the 4th Indiana Jones movie. We haven't seen it all yet, so we'll probably finish it this evening.

Today, I had to work from 7:30 till 12:30. Then on to the fysio and the grocery shopping and back home. My parents had already picked Brutus up when I arrived home. I went upstairs to start selecting pictures to upload to my Photobucket and then George and I went for a walk with Chance in the sun. When we got back, I went back to my attic room again. Started working on this blog post, posted some on Once more, with feeling & friends and played games on FaceBook.

And now I will head back downstairs to prepare dinner. I will be back as soon as possible to share some pictures of our walk yesterday! (still 86% uploading... sighs...).

TTFN my dear followers!
Cynni xxx

Saturday, March 28, 2009

A very funny Belgian TV spot...

One of my friends at FaceBook posted this vid, and even though it's in Flemish, I guess everyone will be able to understand it. it's HILARIOUS!

Shii™ for Women...
Wii™ for Men...

well, at least they say so in this commercial *winks*


Finally a new guest entry for Hallowhedon!

Although I've already met James @ CollectorMania 11,
it'll be great to see him again *smiles*

I can't wait till further announcements are made...
(still wishing Amber Benson & Adam Busch will join in...)

Just 7 more months to go!


Cynni xxx

Rainy Saturday, more sunny Sunday

Saturday afternoon
@ my attic room
♪ no music, just the rain hitting on the attic window
* rain² (yes, SO MUCH of it!)

Hello everyone,

Here I am again. I am currently installing the "Spore™" game to my PC, to start a whole new game on there. I haven't played in ages on my laptop. And now I am adding a creepy & cute addition pack so I'll have tonz of new options when I start playing it on here. The weather sucks anyway, so what better way to spend your time playing a fun game?

Yes, I am still heavily addicted to "Mafia Wars" @ FaceBook.com as well. So no worries, I'll keep myself quite busy.

"How do I do that?", I can hear you asking it... Well, just read on then *smiles*.

On Thursday I've been to Kranenburg (Germany) again with my mum. Then we visited the Makro and AH and I brought her home, loaded their dachshund Brutus in my car and went home. Seeing my parents are in Greifenstein, Germany, now for a few days. So they asked if we could take care of Brutus so they would not have to worry about him when they wanted to go out and do some stuff. Chance always enjoys the company and attention so it was no problem at all.
That evening the three of us went to the gym. For me, it's really going better! I could walk for a longer period of time on the treadmill, with a higher speed and 5% hill. In the end, I went down the hill, back to 0% and then I walked at 6,2 km/hour for a while, which is a real improvement. In total I've spend 22 minutes on the treadmill (20 working out, 2 ending my program). Seeing it was the last thing to do that evening, I still found my legs to be willing to serve me quite well. I used all the machines that my therapist Danielle allowed me to do. Tomorrow morning (Sunday morning that is) well hit the gym again *smiles*. I can't wait, I just love working out!

On Friday I had to work from 7:30 till 13. All went quite OK and when I got home, George and I walked with the doggies (it was dry for a few moments, yeah!).

Sunday evening

The rest of the Friday was quite lazy. We ate, watched TV and well, that's about it.

On Saturday Joyce and I went grocery shopping in Cuijk. I got up first to feed the doggies. Then we went for groceries. After that, we brunched and then Joyce and I retreated to our PC's. I finally installed the "Spore™" game on my PC (we used to play it a lot on my laptop when I was living in the living room). And then I updated all the patches and installed the add-on extras. That afternoon Joyce and I started a new game and it was quite fun to play it again. I almost "forgot"how much fun it was. But now it's on my PC I am guessing I will play it more often.
I made dinner that Saturday evening and fed the doggies. After that we wanted to watch a DVD. The first one I popped in turned out to be quite boring (or I thought so, "Sin City" it's called). So I grabbed another DVD to watch that one instead. But not even Roald Dahl's "The Witches" could interest George. So he went to bed a bit earlier. Seeing we had an hour less to spend the upcoming night, due to the summer time change. Joyce and I watched the DVD and after that, we went to bed as well.

This morning I got up a bit before 8am and fed the doggies. Then we all grabbed our stuff and went to the gym.

I will post more about the Sunday later, probably tomorrow, when I also have some pictures to share that were made this day...

Much love & huggies,

TTFN Cyn xxx

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Working and not working

@ the livingroom couch
˜ no music, watching season 1 of The Sarah Conner Chronicles (Terminator)
* sun and when it's gone: lots of rain!

Hello my dear and humble followers!

I am laying on the couch watching TV (the DVD I mentioned above). Today I worked from 7:30 till 13. And I will probably have to work on two Sundays in April (the 5th and 26th) from 15 till 19. Seeing the store will be open on Sundays starting in April. Opening times will be from 16 till 19. But I will need to start an hour before opening time to have everything in order before the door opens to the customers. Seeing I am very occupied in the first two weekends of May, I opted these two days in April. I don't mind working on a Sunday (200% pay) as long as it's not every Sunday. I do like to have a social life as well. Ah well, I will see how things will go on from here. If all goes well I'll be able to start working some more hours in April anyway, when the rehabilitation is going smoothly and OK. I'll keep you all updated on this!

Tomorrow I'll be going shopping with my mum again, before they're heading to Greifenstein (Germany) for a weekend away. Brutus will be staying at our place then so my parents will not have to bother about him. And Chance will have a playmate as well. Normally mum goes swimming on Thursday evening with George, Joyce and me. But seeing mum wil be in Germany at that time, we're thinking about heading to the gym instead. I'd rather go to the gym, it's better for my fysical part *winks*.

Joyce will bring Chinese food along when she comes home *yay*. I just love Chinese food. Well, the parts that I like (seeing I am a hard one when it comes to liking food sorts) I really love! Hihi...

I will wrap this up for now TTFN my dear followers & friends!

Cynni xxx

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Ready @ the gym

Hello everyone!

Here I am again. I am waiting for George's arrival from the gym/shower to head home. I'd rather shower at home. Gives me a more comfy feeling. So I am hoping he won't be away for too long now, since then I'd have to hurry to be ready in time for dinner. And otherwise I'd have to shower after dinner before going to Chance's doggy class this evening.

But yeah! I am at the gym again. My physiotherapist Danielle told me what I was allowed to do so I got back. I need my old condition back, my old weight and I just love to exercise. That was one of the things that bugged me every time... Every time I was improving at the gym and my condition was improving...something went down the hill and I needed surgery again. Which meant all the work I've done and all that I've accomplished was lost yet again...

So seeing George had the afternoon off, I asked him to join me in going to the gym again. But since I did all I was allowed to do (and my body would let me), I was finished before he was. And as I just mentioned...he showers at the gym which I prefer to do at home. Which results in me waiting for him to arrive before we're able to go home. Of course I could walk home, but we came together so we should leave together as well. And I did not bring my keys so I just await him here, where I can sit and relax, instead of walking more than a kilometer *winks*. I think I did enough to exercise my body today and I don't want to overdo it.

There are many parents around here now, seeing the kids are learning to swim/swim better in the pool that's in the same building as the gym is.

I will send off this blog update and just hope that George will be out asap. Or at least very soon.

TTFN xxx Cynni

Happy Birthday Yvonne


Happy 29th birthday Yvonne!
I hope you have a wonderful day (despite you having to work today).

Much love & hugs,

Cynni xxx

Monday, March 23, 2009

Monday evening


Hello my dear followers! I am back, once again, to "bore" you with stuff that keep me and my mind occupied. Thanks for tuning in and I hope you'll like the program!

Last weekend we spend at Yvonne's place. On Saturday, first Joyce and I went on our usual grocery shopping tour with my mum and we also brought Chance to my parents. When we got home, we cleaned up all the groceries, got a bit of a bite to eat, grabbed our stuff and went to Yvonne. We would be spending the night at her place so we could have a good celebration of her 29th birthday (which is really tomorrow).

We had a lot of fun, going out to dine at a Bear's restaurant and after that we went to see the movie "Watchmen". It was a really good dinner but we were almost too late for the movie because there was a huuuuge group ordering before we did. But thanks to the staff at the restaurant, Yvonne got sung to for her birthday, we all got kids fireworks in our ice creams and we did make it to the theater in time. The movie was really weird but in a way, I did like it. I am not sure if I was the only one, but it was just the way they put it together that made it interesting to me. When we got back at Yvonne's place, I was dead. I was really tired and we all decided to go to bed. George and Yvonne got up first and Joyce and I woke about an hour later or so. We got dressed and ate breakfast. We were watching the movie "V for Vendetta" when Yvonne's family started to arrive. We did finish the movie all together and shortly after, we went back to Nijmegen, to pick up Chance and then head on home.

When we got home I immediately started making dinner. And after dinner, Joyce and I got our bikes out once more. There was more wind than there was on Fridayevening, but nevertheless, we did drive for about 18 km or so (about 11 miles). I was very tired when we got home and Joyce and I decided to watch some Star Trek Deep Space Nine (5th season now) while George was watching some telly downstairs.

Work today went well. The therapy was a bit harder, due to Danielle using me as a guinea pig *winks*. There was a girl that is learning to become a physiotherapist and Danielle asked if I wanted to be an example for some learning moments. Well, no problem! Though it was very hard and I was happy when I finally got home.

I watched some telly and then I made dinner. Joyce was coming home later so George and I dined together. And now I am getting quite tired again and all I wanna do is lay on my bed and watch some DVD... Just relax...

TTFN everyone, thanks for your interest in me *smiles*.

Cynni xxx

PS. Steve, the glitters are especially for you *wink*

Friday, March 20, 2009

Friday evening

Time: 21:21
@ Joyce's (guest-) room
№ no music, just the noise of Joyce's PC
* sun has gone, stars are shining now

Hello everyone, here I am again.

Last night I slept shitty again. Not really because of any muscle, back or scar pain but more because of these stupid nightmares I keep having. When I wake up I can not remember a single thing. But I'm bathing in sweat and all I wanna do is grab Joyce towards me and hold her tight... I think it has something to do with my worries about a certain upcoming "event" in April. But seeing I can't remember a thing, I can't be sure. So I think I'll contact the doc somewhere next week, seing the pills (well, just one) I am taking before bedtime just don't help enough to get me good through the night. My scar just feels like someone is trying to pull it apart some times, and it feels thick and warm then. But I am guessing that's also because my nerves in my right upperleg are slowly getting together again and I am trying to do a bit more each and every day. And my muscles underneath are (hopefully) getting stronger bit by bit as well. Ah well, never mind... All in a days life, I guess...

Today I had a good day at work. All went well and I had some nice conversations with the customers. When it was time to go home, the sun was still shining bright. I drove to Cuijk where I first visited the Lidl store. Blimey! F*ck! It was really busy there. Never mind...just get in line.

Then I came home, played some Mafia Wars on FaceBook (ow Steve, please do join us...just call yourself Steve Steverino hihi) and ate and drank some juice. Then I took Chance out for a walk. George was finishing up the report of our work on Monday and Tuesday. Since the weather was lovely, we drove on our bikes to the postoffice. Then on to the Fixet (hardware store but also with a home & garden departement) and then we visited Bike Total before heading home. My bike computer got recalibrated *yay*. And I bought some biking gloves and a special biking shorts (so my @$$ won't hurt a lot anymore - though the new saddle does help as well). Then we went home where I played some more games on FaceBook before Joyce came home bringing us dinner.

After dinner we decided to enjoy the last bit of this lovely day by taking our bikes for a ride. So I could test my gloves and shorts (with pants over them of course! It's not that warm... I'd wish...). George wanted to ride around the water near Linden and Beers. So we headed that way, only to come home 1:30 later with 21 km (about 13 miles) on our counter! It's the longest drive I've made since my surgery (previous rides were 17 and 12 km). WOW!

Now I am ready to go to bed and watch some dvd before sleeping. We're (Joyce and me) almost done with watching season 4 of Deep Space Nine (Star Trek). Just 3 more seasons to go... She wants to have seen all the seasons before meeting "Major Kira" *winks*. We already met some other cast members at CollectorMania 11. But I do believe I've blogged about this before so I am leaving it at that and I'm ready to dive into my bed. If only I could get Joyce away from Mafia Wars... A week ago she made fun of me that I was an addict... Now she's one herself as well, haha!

Much love and hugs to everyone!
TTFN Cynni xxx

Thursday, March 19, 2009

It's *glitter* Thursday *glitter*

*this title is dedicated to Steve, who LOVES getting glitter messages on his MySpace profile, hihi*

Hello everyone!

Here I am again. I've been very busy creating some layouts for stuff for George's company. He needed some address labels and A4 pages with his logo and all on it. So I have been working on all that (seeing so far I've created everything for him, from his logo to his website... but the site is still not finished due to George not giving me the materials I need, sigh..). And I went to the Makro store with my mum today, after our visit in Kranenburg, for some envelopes and all for CVH-Klimaattechniek *smile*.

So George has kept me quite busy this week, but I don't mind. I know I am better at some of this stuff than he is and if I can help him out like this, no problem!

And since all this work had to be done at the PC, I've also been busy expanding my mafia wars family on Facebook... It's so addictive, unbelievable!

Tonight, I will accompany mum and George again and go swimming with them. Joyce got me a new bikini set and a lady swim shorts so I will try them out *smile*.

Tomorrow, I'll have to work from 8 till 13 and then it's weekend again! Saturday we need to go grocery shopping and we'll also drop off Chance, seeing we're going to Yvonne who will be celebrating her birthday. And we'll spend the night there, so Chance will stay with Brutus and my parents then.

TTFN everyone!
Cynni xxx

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Headache... Sighs...

Hello everyone!

Sorry I haven't been around for a while (well, two days). But yesterday and today I was free from work. George had a project which he asked me to help him on and I did. It was quite interesting and fun to do. But it meant getting up around 6:15 and driving off around 7:00. Well, lucky for me, George did the driving so I could wake up some more on our way.

Yesterday was the dust day, haha! There were some filters that needed cleaning more than the others did... I had to clean all the filters on the units. But they hadn't been cleaned for about 1,5 years, so some were very dirty. And two of them gave me a dust shower! I even vacuumed myhair haha! Ah well, I got a lot of experience of it and it wasn't too bad to do.

Today was the waiting day. We ordered new filters and they were promised to arrive today. But the driver that had to bring all 3 packages only took 2... So they send another one after him..who arrived even earlier! But all in all, we were ready to place the filters around 15:45 and they arrived an hour later.

I just finished the papers of all the work I did. I had to take many (23) measurements of the units in both heating and cooling positions. And now I got all the numbers in an excel document so I am totally done! *yay* me!

But ever since we came home I got an irritating headache. So I will finish up this post, send it and then lie down in bed. I have to get up at 6:45 to be at work tomorrow at 8 so...

@ Steve: thanks so much for the lovely pictures! I did read your mail but I've been to busy putting all those measurements in the excel file to reply, so sorry 'bout that! But I do like the pictures a whole lot & I am proud of you! You did a good job, mate *winks*.

Sleep well everyone! TTFN,

Cynni xxx

Sunday, March 15, 2009

On the couch

@ on the livingroom couch, Brutus on my lap
# no music, watching Joyce play PS3 "Destroy all Humans, path of the furon"
* no more sun, grey and getting darker

Hello everyone! Joyce and I rode our bikes again this afternoon. A bit over 11 kilometers. Not as much as the previous time, but there was more wind which made it a bit harder for me. And I need to get new biking gloves... My right fingers were tingling for about half an hour after we got back. The weather was, except for the wind, nice enough to enjoy the ride.

So I am making progress and I am doing my best (which is also in my own best interest). Now I will watch how Joyce abducts people and flies in her saucer while Brutus is sleeping on my lap.

TTNF! Thanks for reading this post @ Cynni's World! Hope you'll leave a (nice) comment, looking forward to reading them.

Cynni xxx

Finally together on the couch

I know I have posted some dog pictures already. But now they are with me on the couch and sleeping sooooo peacefully, again. What a life they have! Well as long as they stay on the blanket that is on the couch (without the blanket, no doggies allowed on the couch) then I am OK with it.

I guess they have to get their @$$es off when George and Joyce get back from fitness. I do know that I want to ride my bike for a while this afternoon. It might be a bit hard still, due to the wind. But I could use the exercise and it'd be nice to go out. It went well a few weeks back as well so... Hopefully Joyce would like to accompagny my, seeing I don't care to go out by myself. I still lack the confidence to go on a trip all alone on my bike.

Ah well, will pay more attention to episode 9 of the Dresden Files.

TTFN Cyn xxx

Shopping in Oberhausen @ CentrO

@ livingroom couch
˜ The Dresden Files, season one, episode 7
8 there is sun and wind as well

While watching episode 7 "Walls" of the Dresden Files, I just ate some bread with chicken bouillion and now I am having a glass of juice.

Yesterday we went to Germany, Oberhausen, for some shopping at CentrO. First Joyce and I went to Nijmegen for the usual grocery shopping. We brought Chance and her bench to my parents as well. So that she could stay with my dad when we took my mum along to Oberhausen. We were all ready with the groceries around ten and then we went back to Cuijk. George wanted to take the Honda, so while he was busy getting the car ready, Joyce packed away the groceries.

Around eleven we headed for CentrO. I only had to go there because my Fossil watch was broken and since I bought it there, I wanted the repairs being done from there as well. They told me that it could be done from a Fossil store in the Netherlands as well. But they only charged 5 euros for shipping so I let them send it on to the repair shop. Anywhooo, we were still on our way in my story, so let's not rush towards being there already.

Since in Germany, on the highway (when not signed otherwise) you may drive as fast as you can and the circumstances allow you, George decided to take the car for a short spin. He drove like 160 or 170 km/h for a while. But not the whole trip, that wouldn't be too good for the car (or the gas hihi). Halfway there, my bladder started to tell me it needed to be emptied. I was thirsty as well so that was not too much fun. And I did go to the toilet before we left. So not fair...

It was a real beautiful day! Finally some sun, we hadn't seen it in ages... Today there's some sun as well but not as much as yesterday. And there's more wind... It will be summer soon, whoohoo!

Ah well, when we arrived at the parking lot, Joyce and I immediately headed for the toilets and we'd meet up with mum and George afterwards. Ow what a relief...

Then we went to the "Re:" store, it's a store that sells all Apple stuff. George needed a new sensor for his iPod Nike running shoes. So he got it and we went on. I wanted to check for some new sporting shoes. I do have some decent ones still, but the soles are slowly getting thinner. So I need new, comfortable and good shoes for the fysio and fitness (yay, I may slowly start it up soon again!). I amost always wear Nike. Mostly the Air shoes. I saw a really cool pair but they only came sizes 41 and up... (I believe size 40 is like size 9 in the US). And then I saw another pair, but they were more expensive. To be honest, I did not even have enough money for the first pair... But my mum then offered to buy them for me. So sweet of her! As I wrote before, we also visited the Fossil store for me. And Joyce bought new inline skates (hoping we can soon use them together!). She also bought some stuff at the Jägermeister store. And a fake leather jacket I found for her, some trousers and a tshirt. She also bought a shirt for me, a very cool one from Puma. Mum bought some stuff for dad at the Märklin store.

Around 3:15pm we went for a snack at the food market. George and mum held a table. Joyce first had to rob an ATM and then we went to the McDo for some small meals. We were planning to dine at the Irish pub (last time we really loved it there and they have yum yum Kilkenny's beer!) so we did not eat too much. Then we checked out some more stores and before heading to dinner, we put mum on a bench and we went to the car to leave our stuff there and get the jackets out.

We found a nice table at the pub. We ordered some drinks and checked out what dinner to order. The food was delicious, as was my Kilkenny beer!

After dinner we went to an Italian icecream parlor and sat down for our desert. That also tasted really wonderful! On our way back to the car, Joyce and I wanted to stop to shop at the bookstore before leaving. So mum and George headed to the car and we shopped a bit. It was really busy there so it took us a while to get what we wanted.

After that, we went back to the car and headed for Nijmegen. It was a really nice day and I enjoyed it.

Since my parents have a busy day today, and they would be out for a long time, we offered to take Brutus along. So when they are home again, mum will take Chance's bench back when she comes to pic Brutus up. Seeing the bench could never fit in the Honda last night.

So now I'm watching the 8th episode of the Dresden Files and I just made another nice picture (well, cell phone nice) of the dogs sleeping together. I will upload this post and then upload the nice picture as well.

Thanks for tuning in. This was Cynni's World. Have a nice day!

TTFN Cynni xxx

Sleeping head to head

Ow aren't they the sweetest dogs you've ever seen? So sweet, so cute, so peacefull...

If only they were always like this =)

Two sweet doggies

Here are Brutus and Chance, together in Chance's bed. I am working on a blog post about yesterday and as soon as that one's up, you know why Brutus is keeping Chance compagny.

I will work on the long post about yesterday and upload it asap!

Love and hugs,
Cynni xxx

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Bertolf - all YouTubes are in the air!

Hello everyone!

Last night all the vids I made have been uploaded to my YouTube. So now I can share the rest of the vids with you... Unfortunately I have no time to write the story that goes with it, seeing I have to get ready for grocery shopping as well... So hopefully you'll enjoy the vids!

TTFN my dear followers!
I'll be back!

Friday, March 13, 2009

Bertolf - finally 1 song uploaded to YouTube!

Hello everyone!

It took some hours for YouTube to finally upload one song by Bertolf called "Feel you"... I recorded it last night at his gig in Nijmegen. I want to write a bigger blog soon, including (hopefully) more of my vids and more pictures and all.... But well, thought I'd share this with you already.

Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

We were right in front of Bertolf and my right ear is still whistling because I was right in front of Bertolf's guitar Vox amplifier... Which kinda blew me away!

So here's the vid and of course a picture of Bertolf with Joyce and myself =)

*to be continued for sure!*

His hair dances =)

Me, Bertolf & Joyce
just after his gig...

TTFN dears!
Cyn xxx

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Getting ready 4 Bertolf & thinking things over

@ the livingroom couch

≈ watching Joyce play PS3 "Destroy all Humans"

¤ no sun at all... Wet, wet and it's wet...


Hello everyone!


We're waiting for George to come home. Then he can change his outfit and we'll be off to Nijmegen. First dinner at the Chinese and then on to Bertolf's gig after that.


Joyce is trying to finish a level of the PS3 game "Destroy all humans" for me. If that mission can't be completed, I will have to start all over again... Which means the 5 of the 6 missions will be lost then. That's one really irritating thing about this game: when you accept a mission, you will have to finish all that's part of it. You can't save the game and continue from that point on... Ah well, if she can't do it, then it only means I wil have to redo all those other things again when I wanna play this game again...


Joyce finally knows when the birthdays will be held. She is not sure if she has that day off so maybe she will take it off to go... I am still not excited about it all. But well... She has to do what suits her. But if she is cranky afterwards towards me in any way, be sure that I will not accept that! I have made my feelings and warnings very clear and easy to understand. It's her choice but I don't want to pull on the lose end in the end and end up with a cranky girlfriend... That wouldn't be fair in my opinion to me. If I hadn't made my feelings clear about it all, then it would be differently. Still, as said and written, I know it's her family. But that does not give her any right to piss me off afterwards...


Ow it's just bugging me so much. When she suggested to take a day of work, I could only think: why? If they wanna celebrate it on a working day, just because they have no school then, they should have thought about the risk of people not being able to come. And if George and I have that day off as well, I'm not sure about it yet, I wanted to visit an amusementpark in Germany. George and I just talked about it yesterday, seeing we thought she would be on that birthday on Saturday, so we could spend some quality time on Friday. But now... Buggery! I am still willing to go with only George if he wants to go on that day. Why should my idea for a fun filled day be ruined because of her family? That is not my idea of fun but I don't want to give them the pleasure of messing up my idea. So I will just discuss this with George soon. Maybe it'll just be the two of us going to the park then... Joyce and I visit the FedCon the first weekend of May together, so why wouldn't George and I be able to do something with just the two of us? It's really been a while...


Ah well, this is just me thinking aloud while typing this post. Hope you all thought as interesting or maybe not... Hihi... Whatever, right? =)


Have to get clothes ready for George so he can slip in when he arrives and we'll be ready to go asap!


Much love and many hugs!

TTFN Cyn xxx



More color

I have made some small changes in my blog. Less gray text and more in funky colors to spice up your life =) Or just to spice up the site =)

OK just wanted to mention that. Now I am off to get dressed and ready to go to Nijmegen.

Much lu, xxx Cynni

Thursday morning

@ my attic room, behind my pc
Angra - Carry On (from the Angels Cry album)
I'd wish...

Hello everyone!

I wanted to tank everyone again for sending me those sweet comments! *hugs!*

I was supposed to get up in about 15 minutes from now, but I couldn't sleep anymore. So I got up, got some clothes and went upstairs. I played some Mafia Wars (it's so freaking addictive!) and opened up a folder with some newly acquired music. It's playing right now: Angra.

I'm a bit concerned though and I guess that's what gotten me awake earlier than I planned. The birthdays of Joyce's twin sisters are coming up. Withing 48 hours, she's gotten 3 different dates and that's quite confusing...to say the least. I know she wants to go because it are still her sisters. But I am a bit scared that she comes back feeling f*cked up again. Funny how ones family can make you feel like that so easily. I keep telling her she is better than they ever gave her credit for. But the silly thing is. All the times she's been lied to by her family, all the times they kicked her in the back...and still I do believe that when they would tell her that she's no good...she'll believe that sooner than me saying she's totally OK. Even though she knows I have never lied to her, never used her in any way... Still her family has such a grab on her. And just when she's doing a bit better here, getting more self esteem and self confidence, she has to go to that hellhole again. I know I am not welcome, nor would I want to be. All the lies that were told about me, the way I got used and them thrown out in the mud... I just hate (and I mean really hate) people who can treat others like that, only for their own benefit. I know I can't forbid Joyce to go, I know that here sisters aren't the baddest ones that are around that hellhole... But the Devil lives there too and I just hope that Joyce will not give in this time. Will be able to close up for all the nonsense that comes out and will be able to keep believing in herself. Knowing what I have told her, what others have told her... It's just hard. And I guess I make a way too big fuzz about it. But I know what happened the last time she had to go there... She was really down for almost a whole week. And that both saddens me but also makes me insane with fury. How can the person you are supposed to trust the most treat you like this without any feeling of guilt or wrong doing? How can the Devil not see that it ain't right? Ah well, as we all know, the Devil only tries to get things dong to suit it best. Why take other feelings in consideration when you just have to pull some strings to get what you want anyway?

OK I guess I have to stop rambling about this now. I know she can go there... I know it can be important just to show up. But I also can be quite honest when I say that I would not lose any sleep if she'd decide not to go. Why would I lie about that? Most people who read my humble blog know how I've been treated and lied about behind my back. So hopefully they'll all understand why I have these strong feelings about this all.

Ah well, I'd better get dressed now so I can be in time for my shopping-date with my mum.

TTFN everyone! I will be back for sure!

xxx Cynni

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Wednesday afternoon

@ my attic room, behind my pc
Def Leppard - Go
YES! but it's still cold though...

Hello everyone!

After almost a decent nights' rest, I had to work from 8 till 13 today. All went well, no customers that bugged me in any way so a good day. Tomorrow I don't have to work, so my mum and I will go to Kranenburg (Germany) again for some grocery shopping. I will have to get up around 9 and be at her place around 10. So that's quite do-able.

I saw that Gin was very happy with her new banner *smiles*. Although it came out a bit bigger than I expected, it does suit her blog *winks*. OK, if you have not read her blog, I made the banner for her when I saw she had none...

I am listening to my iPod and I just created a new SingStar songs mix cd. I already made one on Sunday and now I made a second edition. It only contains songs that are in the PS3 Sing Star games. That way, one can practice while driving around in her car *smiles*.

In a while I will go downstairs and watch Dr. Phil. He's got quite some interesting things at times. So I am watching it when ever I can.

Nothing much more to say/write. That happens when nothing interesting happens: no more news to post. although yesterday I also made some non-day-related posts. But not now... Maybe I'll post some more of those later this week.

Tomorrow evening we're going out! First to dinner at our favorite Chinese restaurant in Nijmegen (China Delight) and then on to Bertolf's gig (which is about 25 meters from the restaurant)! I will fully charge my camera battery and empty my memery cards so I can make pictures and vids and send them on to California =)

Have a nice day everyone! Thanks for tuning in @ Cynni's World!

TTFN, Cynni xxx

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

It's friggin' cold here

Hello everyone,

I am contacting you from the car now. My nose is trying to run away from me. And it's just my luck that Joyce has zero packs of Kleenex in here... In my car, I always make sure to have at least one package... But Joyce doens't have any and my nose could really use some... Sighs...

Been standing in the cold for almost an hour and it kept getting colder. How I long for Spring and Summer again!

I wanted to thank everyone for your kind and sweet comments! Both here on this blog as on my Photobucket! I really LOVE getting comments, especially the kind ones, so they all are really appreciated.

My fingers feel frozen and my upperlip raw and wet. Chance's class is almost over so I will send this update now.

Thanks for reading, commenting and most of all: for being my friends!

Cynni xx

*happy dancing*

@ my attic room, behind my pc
All over the nations - Helloween (The Dark Ride album)
None to be seen, still raining

I am very happy! Today, I got the parcel Steve send to me! Yippie! It all arrived safe and sound, so that's very WOW! Thanks Steve for your efforts! I am converting the region 1 DVDs already so that I can watch them here ☺☺☺

I also received a parcel from Amazon.com, bringing me 4 more books to add to my collection. Now I only need more time to watch all the DVDs and read all the books...

These books just came in:
  • Christopher Golden & Tim Lebbon: Mind the gap (ISBN: 987-0-553-38469-7)
  • Christopher Golden: Soulless (ISBN: 987-1-4165-5135-5)
  • Anton Strout: Deader Still (recommended by Amber Benson)(ISBN: 987-0-441-01691-4)
  • T.A. Pratt : Spell Games(ISBN: 987-0-553-59136-1)
And Steve made me very happy with sending these items:
  • Repo! The genetic opera (DVD and CD) (Starring Anthony Stewart Head)
  • Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog (DVD)
  • Deadly Justice (DVD) (Starring Amber Benson)
OK I think I did enough blogging for now. Thanks again Steve!!!! *hugs*

TTFN Cynni xxx

Lost in love

@ my attic room, behind my pc
Bertolf: Not bringing me down (For Life album)
None to be seen, only rain and more rain


Not bringing me down

With your hand I was complete
now you're out of sight
That first time I could hardly see no light
but gone are the nights I couldn't sleep
I couldn't close my eyes
gone ate the cays
I could hardly keep from crying

Cause I'm alright
Yeah I'm alright
It's not bringing me down
No more

Thought I could never get over you
it'd take a lot of time
Thought I could never love someone new
but why?
Well, that was a surprise cause I...


Well, it hurt so much
but it doesn't hurt no more
When I'm looking for love
it doesn't lead me
To your door
tried to forget you so hard
Can't remember what it's for


While listening to this song (again) I just started to write. It is not an autobiography or anything. Just my thoughts going *swoosh* and controlling my hands into typing this... This might make you wonder, this might make you skip this post. I dunno what you will do. I think I do care though, seeing I love to reach out to others and try to open up discussions about stuff. About things that I care about, things that make me think and wonder...

Lost in love

You hold me so close, though it feels like you're miles away. Your thoughts are not with you, with us, and it troubles me. I want to look you in the eyes and hope they will tell me where you are. But your eyes are closed, tears slowly escaping your lashes. Your grip on me tightens and it's getting hard to breathe. But I don't mind. Don't mind at all. Because as long as you're holding me, I know part of you is still around to be found. I want to talk to you, to ask you what's wrong. But I know it would be worthless and I will have to wait for you to start the talking. But you only deeply inhale and then you stutter while exhaling and the tears keep rolling down your cheeks.

You need me, maybe more or less than I need you. But I know that as long as we both believe in what's right, we are strong enough to make it though. I am not that strong or tough, but for you I will give my last bit of energy. As long as I know it will help you and I can count on you catching me when I fall. As long as I know that I'm not alone in all this.

All this going down around us. Making us bend and shape again and again. Twisting us into it's ways. Controlling it would be something we'd probably never totally accomplish. Since it is the way of the world, of the humans that live on it and the way they do that. People that you know can really affect you, make you do things that you normally wouldn't even dream of of doing it. But still, you feel there is no other way to do it, no other way out (or in).

And while I am holding you as tight as you are holding me I keep on thinking about how you were treated. How people have used you, and me too, and there was nothing you could directly do against it. You had to endure it, day after day. Making you both stronger but also really vulnerable. I saw you and know you were (and are) special. But you couldn't see it, not in a million years. The way you were treated and you were told that you were everything but special, you started to believe it. How could it not be true after hearing it so many times? How could it not be true when people who you thought meant everything to you were the ones telling you this? And now, now you are told that you are special and all. Why should this person lie to you and try to convince you of something that you're not? Or maybe, just maybe, that one person was right and you were lied to for a big part of your life. Trying to control you in a very mean way and *damn* they did conquer your soul. They had you on a leash all along. And then you wonder WHY WHY WHY??? To what use? Why use me? Why was I used?

While your mind is running all these questions again and again, the tears keep escaping from behind your eyelids, falling of your lashes and rolling down your cheeks. They are forming a river of loneliness. A river of pain that you endured all this time, keeping it inside because you thought you did not matter.

And now, you are lost. Lost in love and your thoughts. I keep on trying to get you back. Get you to talk to me. Get you to open up and see you can really trust me. Let you know that I do think you are really special and not just because I need you to do something for me.

Holding me tight, your breathing relaxes a bit. The in- and exhales are slowing down, less deep, less throbbing. Slowly your head tilts a bit towards mine and your eyes give in to opening up to me. While I am looking you in your eyes, I am the one getting lost in love...


The process of thinking

@ my attic room, behind my pc
Bertolf: Not bringing me down (For Life album)
None to be seen, only rain and more rain

Some times you just sit down and think. Not about anything in particular. Not about anything, really, at all. Just random things that keep your mind occupied and have you staring at the wall for what seem like minutes (but can turn into hours when no one is home to miss you around) and you don't even notice.

I've had some of those moments, well a lot of them, but mostly when I'm home alone. During the last month of 2008 I've been writing a lot about those thoughts in my journal, as I also mentioned in my blog here. I sat down and thought about the things that made me sad in 2008. Things that made me feel depressed and some times nearly made me on my way to the nut house... But I also thought about the positive things that happened. And some times, the negative outweighs the positive and that can make me quite sad. But still I am thankful that there are positive things that made me able to go on and on despite all the negative influences that were affecting me.

At times, I am the one who sits down and can flow away in my thoughs and just sail that flow as it goes. And at other times, I feel the urge to grab that journal of mine again and get writing till my hand tells me it's almost broken beyond repair and it seriously needs a rest.

As you might have read on my old (may it rest in peace Ϯ) blog or maybe even on this one, I do tend to try to get myself in too deep at times. I try too hard to imagine what someone else might feel when something happens. I try too much at times to really understand that person I am focused on then and I can't help it. I even feel shitty when someone I know makes a rude comment to someone else I know and all my alarms go off inside telling me I should really make a comment about that rudeness. Maybe this is all too confusing for you or maybe I am just too clumsy with trying to describing it all... And now I am thinking about it, maybe this is a thing that got me into fights all the time. Maybe I was too sensitive and others who could not comprehend just wanted to deal with that by beating me (see this previous post for a little more info on that). The way I see things when looking at people sometimes even scares me a bit. The better I know the persons face I'm looking at, the more I can see.

For example: when a dear customer at my work looks at me while talking, I can see how he/she is feeling. I even made a comment once to a girl that she looked sadder than ever and she was so surprised that I could even notice. She then told me her grandma was hurried to the hospital the previous evening and she was very worried about her. That girl was a regular customer, she attends a nearby school and I did not even know her name... But when I get to know people better, for example Joyce, she can't tell a lie to me while I'm looking at her. I just see that it isn't right...

As written, maybe I do spend too much time trying to see things from the other sides than my own. That can be seen as a bad thing but I try to see it as something positive, something that makes me who I am. A personality is shaped by it's abilities and well, this one is shaping part of mine.

I know I am rambling a lot and you might think: bugger! Why did I spend my time reading this all? Or maybe you find it interesting or...? Well, I have made comments before about loving to receive comments, so please do not hesitate! I love to read about others views on things (if only to make me think again about things) so if you've read this and have something to share with me on this all: please do so. Thank you!

This may be continued...

Monday, March 09, 2009

Game Weekend was fun, part 2.

Hello everyone,

back as promised! Still had no time to edit more video's but I do have all the pictures uploaded to go with my story of how things all went. I left you at the time where some of us went to change into comfortable clothing after the 1 hour walk. So I will start at that point and go on!

Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket
PS3 Guitar Hero World Tour

The next game in line was the PS3 Guitar Hero World Tour. Three players can play together: drums, guitar and vocals. Yvonne started on the guitar, Steph on drums and Joyce as vocalist. And then we changed places so everyone who wanted, could take a shot at becoming a rock star!

Some more pictures (I do have some video's, will edit them as soon as I have the time and upload them to the blog!) of our World Tour.

Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

And we decided that it was Buzz! time again. Although I have to say, that we also all had a drink or two or even more (in Yvonne's case: all alcohol free though), so if we look dazed...we were. But we enjoyed it, that's for sure!

Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

After a while, first Ramona and then George went to bed.

Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket
Fun with the glowing Buzzer!

We kept on playing Buzz! until 3am and then we decided it was really time to go to bed. I was in bed around 3:30 am and already awake around 7:30. I went to the toilet and hoped to be able to sleep some more. When I was up again around 8:15 I decided it was better to get up, since my back was killing me. So I went out of bed and downstairs. Chance was very happy to see me, especially since it meant she was getting breakfast soon.

I read some more in my book and made myself some roasted bread and tea. Around 9:30 George came downstairs. He decided to give my new Wii game a shot to see if he liked it. It's called: Destroy all humans 3: Big Willy Unleashed. Yes, we just bought a newer version of this game for the PS3 as well. Since both Joyce and I liked it, I decided to buy the older version for the Wii as well. While we were still playing in turns, Yvonne and then Ramona came down as well. I played some "Cars" on the Wii and then everyone was ready for our brunch.

After brunch we decided to get our Wii "Dancing Stage Hottest Party" ready to use.


George brought Ramona to the train station and we continued doing what we did best: playing games! SingStar was up next!

Photobucket Photobucket

And while we all did our best to sing, Chance tried to escape it all by sleeping though it all...

Photobucket Photobucket

When the others were busy singing, I went upstairs to make some CD compilations with songs that were in our SingStar games. I made a CD for Yvonne, Kim and Steph. Only to find out today that one of the songs was wrongly ID-tagged so is the wrong one for the SingStar game... But the other 18 (I believe) songs are in the game...

When I came down, we decided to play Wii Mario Kart again. We all played together as a team and we even won! Well, once that is... But still, we did it!

And when people are busy concentrating on the screen, they make very funny faces for me to capture with my camera... *winks*

Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

And again, while the others were still playing, I got the memory cards from both Kim and George and together with my own memory card, I made a DVD for the girls and myself with all the pictures and video's. When they were ready, the girls were ready to head home again.

The end of a very nice and fun filled weekend. I must admit I was very tied due to the last of any decent sleep in the last few weeks. So the rest of the afternoon I took it easy. I made pasta for us and after that, I went to bed early. Joyce went along and together we watched two episodes of the fourth "Star Trek Deep Space Nine" season. Joyce already met "Captain Sisko", "Odo" and "Nog" during Collectormania 11 and this May we're going to FedCon 18 in Bonn where we will meet "Major Kira", "Rom" and "Gul Dukat". So it would be nice of Joyce has seen all 7 seasons by then...

This was all about the Game Weekend! I hope you have enjoyed the show *smiles* and the pictures, video's and text as well, of course.

TTFN xxx Cynni