Thursday, April 06, 2006

Pictures of the past

Looking at the cupboard
pictures of the past
memories that are loved
times that we remember
Times that linger
weighing on us
times that have been
and never can be again
Pictures are fading
sun shinging
through the window
though the memories remain
Black and white
silver frames glimmering
wooden frames adding style
colour pictures in between
If only it were possible
to let the pictures move
just like in the movies...

When I was just a little girl,
I started to crawl before I walked,
when I was walking I would fall,
scrape my knee,
get up,
get a bandaid,
and happily walk on.

When I was 16 years young,
I started to have trouble,
could not walk without pain,
leg moving,
tears dwelling,
go to the hospital,
end up with surgery.

When I was almost 18 years,
I could walk and run again,
no more pain while doing so,
everywhere I wanted,
I went.

Now I am 25 years old,
learning to walk again,
again surgery on my hip,
learning to do the simple things,
so many take for granted...

Tuesday, April 04, 2006


As I look
as I feel
as I live
my life

You support
you care
you are
my every day angel

It is you I think of
while dreaming
while waking up
while living

Your wings
glowing in the sun
your fading smile
while you fly away

Even with you
high up in the sky
I feel your pressence
your ever lasting love

April 4th 2006, Cynthia