Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Anton Strout: writer & Mafia Wars player with a wicked mind

Hello y’all!

Today I have been chatting on FaceBook with the author of books from the Simon Canderous series: Dead to me & Deader still. The third book is still in the works and will come out February 23rd 2010: Dead Matter. I have already placed the pre-order and Anton promised to make my copy a signed one. For those of you who know me well, know that I’m really thrilled and ecstatic! I love books and especially signed ones. Makes me feel more connected when I am reading it all. I already have signed books by Amber Benson and Christopher Golden and this will be my first Anton Strout signed copy :) Whoohoo!

For more information about Anton and his books, I collected some websites for you all to check out and enjoy:

The official Anton Strout site
His official FaceBook site
His official Twitter site

I also have some links for his books on Amazon.com:

dead_to_me_bvpz deader_still_fb dead_matter_fb_ur5s

If you enjoy reading fantasy novels, if you loved watching series like “Buffy, the Vampire Slayer” and “Angel” and if you like some good humor in your book: check these books out! They’re worth the read and I promise you’ll come back for more!

That’s all for now folks!

Cynni xx

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Busy weekend

Hello everyone,

I'm back with a small update. Will try to write more asap but seeing the weekend's not over yet, I am still kinda busy... But I am taking a few minutes for my own now and will try to send a small update now.

Work went ok on Thursday and Friday. It were long days and they took a lot of energy from me. I had to work from 12:30 till 21 on Thursday and from 7 till 17 on Friday. After that I had to rush home and get some stuff prepped for that evening and the following weekend. Seeing some dear friends would come over for fun, games, bowling, drinks and also for cake seeing we would celebrate George's birthday. He didn't know it but Joyce, mum and I had been planning it for some weeks now. George mever really liked to organise anything for his birthday. Last year Joyce and I got some friends together to celebrate and now we invited some family as well. So on Friday, when the friends had arrived and George (very grumpy George) had finally gone to bed, we could start decorating. Blowing up the balloons (or releasing them before tying the knot haha) and hanging the flags. We were pretty busy for some time but in the end it was really worth it.

I had already spoken with a dear friend of mine who loves to make cakes. I had transferred her the money and she made a lovely titty cake for George.

Ow my battery is dying so I gotta send this off now. TTFN and I'll be back!

Luv, Cyn

Tuesday, October 06, 2009

First two days done

Hello everyone,

It's me again. I'm home alone since Joyce is working and George is still busy at his Energy 2009 thingie. So it's only me and Chance now. And I'm watching DVD while typing this blog post on my phone.

The first two days at my new job are behind me now. It's so different from what I was used to do. But it's very interesting and I'm hoping that I will know all the names of the different sorts of bread soon. I did remember a few this morning so maybe some more again tomorrow morning. On Thursday I'l have to work the afternoon-evening shift so I can experience the closing and cleaning up of the departement. Tomorrow I'll have to get up at 6 again for another early start. But I know what I'll have to do. That is, if it's the same as it was this morning.

*Chance interruption: she puts one of her tow toys in front of me on the couch so I may throw it ahgain... So I threw it and now she almost knocks my cell phone out of my hands while returning her toy... OK back to writing again*

This morning I had to slice all the bread (with a machine) and bag and label them. I had to put bread in the big oven and also in the smaller one. And of course, I had to get the bread out and put new unbaked bread back in. I had never worked with such a big oven before so it was a bit awkward for me at first. But I got better at it after a few times. I had to put all the unbaked brwad out of the freezer and prep the carts for tomorrow. That way, everything is standing ready when we need to start tomorrow. I cleaned up after all the slicing was done, breadcrumbs everywhere. But not after I got finished. I cleaned some breadboxes which are used in the store so the customers can get their own bread as they please. Connie had already started cleaning before she went home so I finished it up. Then I had to go on reading in the information folders about the bread/cheese/meat for bread departements. When I was finished it was a quarter to three. Nathalie asked if I could help and do the 15 o'clock check for her. It was a bit difficult since I did not know where everything was but when she was finished we finished the checking together which put me a bit more at ease. Then it was time to go home again. My log card still isn't working. Hopefully it will work tomorrow.

Driving the scooter is, since I slay under it a few years ago, still a bit scary for me. When I rode this morning, there was a light rainfall and it was frakking dark. I could not use my wide beam since there were cars every now and then and I did not want to blind them. But I drove easy and it did go OK. The way back I almost had to kick a frakking stupid boy (around 14 years old I guess) of his bike. I honked that I wanted to pass him and his little buddy. And instead of giving me the space he just went on pretending it was too hard to just let me pass. Frakking schoolkids...

Ah well, since I drank about 2 liters of nice warm tea since I came bak home, I wil send of this blog post and head tor the toilet.

Sorry if some things weren't in correct English, I dunno all the correct names for the stuff I am working with. Hope I did discribe them well...

I'll keep you posted!

Ow and I am looking forward to this weekend: dining and bowling with some dear friends and family members. Wednesday the 14th I'll finally receive my new splint at the dentist. Hope this one'll work better than the NTI one... Just another week and then I'll know...

Really gotta run now so TTFN everyone!
Cynni xxx

Friday, October 02, 2009

Free week

Hello everyone,

I am writing this while waiting for my mum to get back from her therapy at the hospital. It's been quite a busy week even though I did manage to relax every now and then.

Last weekend two dear friends came to visit. We decided it'd be fun to go bowling (and ever since long before my surgery I had to quit bowling and it would be my first time on the lane again). Allthough we did fool one of our friends she needed to bring her bathingsuit haha. We fooled around till we went to the bowling alley. But first I made everyone a nice dinner in my WOK. And I myself had a microwave meal haha... The next day I would make my "famous" pastasause to be served with pasta, of course...

Ah well, the girls played some Wii Mario Racing while I was in the kitchen preparing their meal. After dinner we walked with Chance before heading out to our lane. We had one lane for 1,5 hours. It was really fun and we all had a great time. After bowling we went home, got into our PJ's and played PS3 SingStar. Even George joined in! I think he loved that he was albe to sit anywhere he pleased now that we have our wireless microphones. It's so much easier than the old wired ones... We also played a whole lot of PS3 Buzz! Games. Joyce and I had bought new batteries since the old ones were slowly dying on us. And that is very frustrating when you're in the middle of a game and your controller gives up on you...

Owww thinking about playing games with my friends.... We really should get the dancemat and Raving Rabbids out more often! It was sooooo funny....

Ow and after dinner on Saturday, my friends filled in my new "Snowwhite and the 7 dwarfs" friendshipbook. It made one of them cry with tears of laugher. It was soooo funny... What do you like to become when you grow up? Haha... We are grown up... Well... Almost...

I have watched a lot of DVDs during the week. And yesterday I have been to the dentist, yes, once again. I had to bite in wax so they could make dental impressions for the new splint I am getting (since the professor kinda killed the old one and tried to get me insane as well...). I am very bad in giving those impressions. It's hard to explain in English since I am not sure on how all the stuff is called. But any of you who has had braces or other dental work done might know the drill. They have special "spoons" that fit around your upper and lower teeth. They make a special paste that goes into that spoon. The spoon goes inside your mouth and they press it hard upon your teeth. But my problem is the paste that's too much and goes to the back of your throat. That makes me want to vomit. A whole lot! And I am told my spit-production (dunno how else to call it) is running wild when needed. So they had to do a lot of suction there as well. I kept them busy... Anyway... All the impressions and stuff came out perfect. Now I have two dates which I need to discuss at my new job on Monday. On one of these two I need to go back to the dentist for the fitting of my new splint. So when I know that on Monday, I will e-mail my dentist and it'll get settled. I will not get a NTI splint like I had before. I will get another one that will fit over my complete upper teeth. Now I'll have to wait and see...

Ah well, mum should be ready in a few minutes so I will send off this blog now.

TTFN everyone!
Cynni xx