Sunday, November 15, 2009

Meeting Roxette

Original video feeds shot by Per Gessle (1st one) and by Christopher Lundquist (other 3). It’s footage from our meeting with the band members from the Swedish group: Roxette! Even though it was very, very windy and getting quite cold, Marie, Pelle and Clarence got out of the van for us! THANKS!!!

Thank you all for making this a NIGHT to REMEMBER!


Once again, thanks for this wonderful event, for a splendid meeting and for the signing of my cat... (CAP!) ;-)

A Night at the Proms


WOW what a night. Sitting at a crabby seat at the front row, barely being able to see Per and Marie perform "Wish I could fly" during the first part of the evening. But with the second part, we just stood and walked nearer to the stage (as did MANY others) and there was nothing security could do about it, except for keeping their walking route free of fans. WOW what a night! Marie was performing SO much better than she did a week before, 07-11 in Antwerp (Belgium). Per used the walkway, Marie sang a part of the famous Beatles "Hey Jude" during the Look. They extended some more and it was just fantastic to be there!
After the show, since we were parked far, far away and there was a traffic jam to get off the parking, we decided we should check where Roxette's van would depart from. With some small talk to some security guys, we were told we found the right spot to wait :)
There were only 5 of us, Eva, Joyce, myself and two German girls. Then, we saw the van and Marie was sitting in front. They came, slowly passed us by and drove on... I could not run but with Eva in the lead, the others quickly followed. The van stopped and was put in reverse! We were pumped with Roxette adrenaline and we were so high we felt we could fly... When the van came backwards, Eva had to jump aside... :)
The PA (personal assistant) opened the front door, which almost went with the wind! Marie came out to meet and greet with us for a while and we could take a picture with her. She was soooo sweet!!! When I told her that I thought her show was way better than the one last week, she rubbed my hand (since I was shaking hers to thank her) and asked if I really meant it. And yeah, she was feeling a bit better and was glad we noticed. After some hugs with Marie, she quickly went into the van (before the wind would take her far and away).
But they all gave out signatures, all but Chris who was too busy shooting YouTube viddeo's for Per and he also made some pictures of us (wonder if he could send them to me haha). So maybe we'll be on the wwwgyllenetidercom YouTube channel soon :) You never know... I'll keep checking it though, since I was standing right before Chris because I was asking Per if he had any spare guitar pics ;)
Oh I really got my new shot of Roxette drug again and I now realize HOW MUCH I missed it all these years... I am not able to attend any more shows (money and work wise). Sobs.... But I will go to Rotterdam with Joyce and meet up with Eva on Tuesday :) Let's relive the night to remember at the Proms...


Thanks for a wonderful evening.
Thanks to: Per Gessle, Marie Fredriksson, Jonas Isacsson, Pelle Alsing, Clarence Öfwerman & Christopher Lundquist, A.K.A ROXETTE!

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Hallowhedon pictures!


Yes, I am still alive… Even though it’s been ages since my last blog. I have been quite busy with my new job and other stuff, been ill with the Mex Flu and I just haven’t had the time or energy to blog. But, well, here I am again.

Much has happened since my last blog about dear, sweet and silly writer Anton Strout. And last I wrote before that was that we were getting ready to celebrate George’s birthday. It was Friday, October 9th, when we got together with some friends. We first hadn’t planned to celebrate George’s birthday, or only with some family. But when friends contact you and ask if they’re welcome to celebrate, we just can’t say no, can we?!? So it took some more arranging than we thought at first, but we managed. A dear friend of mine made us a very special cake for George. It was one with delicious boobs! And when George got it on Saturday morning, he was quite surprised. But he had to wait till there were more party people before he was allowed to cut the cake. It really tasted very, very good!
Since we had planned to go bowling with some friends prior to George’s birthday, but it got cancelled, we planned to go bowling with some family and friends. We also ate there. That way, I did not have to cook for everyone :)
The bowling was OK, the lanes a tad slow though, and the food was delicious. I still need to upload some pictures that were made during the evening and day. So I will try to share with you in a while. I am currently uploading some Hallowhedon pictures to my photobucket (though you might have seen them at my facebook profile…).

The weekend was a blast and a success. Thanks to all the friends and family who came and helped!

After that, I had to work and get further into it. I still had and have a lot to learn, but I will manage and I do believe I am getting better at several things (which should be so as well! otherwise, something would be wrong).

And then, Hallowhedon (you might have seen the countdown timer on my profile for a while, which is now set for Hallowhedon 2) came! Finally! I did have to work on Thursday evening, but then mum and Joyce came to pick me up from my work (I had all the bags ready before going to work) and we went to Nijmegen. We slept there and we had the first train to depart from Nijmegen towards Utrecht. There we had to skip the train and head for another one that would take us to Schiphol Airport. There we met with Yvonne and went to check in. Hallowhedon here we come!

We had to wait for a while, our plain left late… But we were in time to catch the bus that would take us to Heathrow where we had to skip to another bus that would take us to the Thistle Hotel where the event would take place.

We were very tired but all had gone well. The weekend really rocked and once I have some pictures online I will try to blog about the Hallowhedon weekend here.

There is one downside to the Hallowhedon weekend: I got the Mex flu. Got sick on Sunday afternoon and felt like shit, really bad and a fever that was almost melting me. Even when we entered Schiphol again, I got stopped and asked where I came from. Seems I had a big tomato red head. So the week after Hallowhedon, I was sick and ill and in bed.

Called on Friday that I would go to work again on Monday. Got called back on Satrurday, asked if I was sure… Yeah, I felt better so, why not? That Saturday evening, November 7th already, the three of us went to Antwerp. And when we finally got there, we almost departed a few minutes after arriving. George was pissed. And even though I understood him, I also got pissed because he was spoiling the evening. When we finally did find a parking spot,  we went to get something to eat. Just across from where the “Night of the Proms” was being held. Even though it tasted good, it was a rip off! I had to pay almost double of what I usually need to pay when ordering the exact same thing in the Netherlands. I was quite pissed at the guy and called him a thief… He also tried to keep the change, which George “saved” in time. So I wasn’t all that wrong about the dude. I mean, when you can order pizza’s with 3 different toppings for 10 euros, you won’t expect a Margarita (just the tomato sauce, cheese and some herbs) to cost the exact same thing! A total grrrrr moment!

We were supposed to go with Eva and Iwan, friends of us. But they couldn’t make it and another person would take their place. Since Joyce had the tickets, Eva had given the stupid cow my number so she could contact me IN TIME so we could set a time for a meet-up so they could take over the tickets. But that stupid cow thought it OK just to let me know I needed to be at the entrance for her when she thought she would arrive. EXCUSE ME! I don’t need anything from you, you need something from me! So why should I be your gopher??? And then, we did wait for almost 25 minutes and still, no cow… So we went to our seats and we found out cow was almost 40 minutes later than she promised us. Nope, she did not let us know and we saw like 4000 people passing in the mean time (it was sold out with 15.000 tickets!!!). And when Joyce told her it was definitely not done not to contact us sooner, she blamed Eva for telling her it was best just to call me when she got there… YEAH SURE! Eva knows me since 1994 and knows I want things settled BEFORE and not just before… I was really pissed and she reminded me a lot of Miss Piggy though… Same looks and same attitude!

HAHAHA well, this one, but a bit different :)

But all who know Miss Piggy and her attitude can quite understand why I make this comparison.

But the evening was quite fun. The music was good and it was great to see Per and Marie on stage together again (though I was lucky enough to see them from the front row in Amsterdam, May 6th 2009). I made some vids but they are from far, faaar away. Hopefully I can make some new and better vids next Saturday evening. Then Eva IS coming with Joyce and me (since we got her the ticket for her birthday) to the NOPT show in Arnhem.

Peeps, I am getting hungry! Better call George to check when he’ll be back :)

TTFN and I’ll be back everyone!