Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Goodbye 2008...
Welcome 2009!!!

Hello everyone,

welcome to my last blog of 2008. Almost done with this year, happpy times and sad times, difficult moments and also moments that are priceless have passed within the last twelve months.

I have been writing a flashback to 2008 in my journal. I bought it especially with that reason in the back of my mind. Reflect on myself and on the things that I've done and also were done to me. Many sad moments passed while I was writing, but also many things that made it worth while. A summery of 2008:
  • End of January: hip troubles starting again.
  • Early February: found the reason of my pain => no more cartilage between the bones.
  • March: Joyce had a car accident and many things went not as I wanted them to go.
  • April: first consult in Gent, Belgium, giving me some more hope for a BHR, with more tests to be done in the end of April and early May.
  • April 30th: Joyce moving out of Zevenbergen and into our home in Cuijk.
  • May 10th: Joyce and I celebrate our birthdays together. Joyce's family boycots it, giving her much pain.
  • May 11th: my real birthday... George got drunk the night of the 10th on the 11th and threw up on me... Joyce got a nasty bugbite in her foot and I could go to the first aid center with her.
  • Early June: our two German friends Swantje and Katha visited us for the weekend.
  • June and July: the pain is getting worse, I've been walking with a crutch ever since the end of May and in the end of July I officially start working half days.
  • August and September go by without any vacation plans...
  • October 15th: my BHR surgery in Gent, Belgium. The surgery went OK but the hospital was NOTHING alike the Dutch ones and I so wanted to get out of there....
  • October and November I've been living in the livingroom, bed and all. The muscleaches were bad and sometimes I felt really sick of all of it. BUT I went on, knowing I would be able to succeed.
  • Now: I still have muscleaches that keep me awake at night. But I am still not giving up and I will succeed for sure.


I would not have been albe to go through this all without the love, care and support from people who care about me! THANK YOU to all of you, I guess you will know who you are *wink*.
Also a thank you to all old and new friends who accept me for who I am *big hug*!

In January we will finally have a short break, the first one since a week in Texel, October 2007! For 5 days we'll be "living" in a Center Parcs cottage, Hochsauerland, Germany. Hopefully there will be snow, since Joyce wants to learn how to ski. George is already good on them and they would be happy with snow. Mum is coming along as well. So when Joyce and George are in the cold, we'll do the grocery shopping and we'll visit the jaccuzi's in the Dome *smile*. Just 5 days taking it easy and not sitting at home the whole time. Some people think of being home on sick-leave is like being free from work. Yeah, I don't have to go to work. But not because I don't want to, but because I can't do my job yet. I am still doing my exercises and going to therapy and working on making my body like me again. I've walked "wrong" ever since the end of 1996. All the surgeries I've had did make my life a bit more easy, but my body had to get adjusted to the new situation each time. And this time, after 11 years, my right foot is facing forward, not outwards! But that also means my whole posture has changed and that is what's giving me all the muscleaches. Yeah I can walk again, better than before, but when I stop, my muscles all tell me that they really did not like it. But I have to keep going, they need to be able to adjust to the new way that I walk and live.

Ah well....

I am wishing you all a very good end of 2008 and a freakingly mad and terrific good start of 2009!

May all (y)our dreams for 2009 come true

Take care everyone,

Love Cynni xxx

Monday, December 29, 2008

Hello everyone,

here I am again. I "already" fixed two of the images. Will try to fix the other ones as soon as possible as well... I am working on it :D

Thanks for your patience!

Hello everyone!

After not using my account here for over two years (I see the links to the added pictures also died) I am back. I had my own hosted blog, but due to a change in providers, I lost it all... So I decided to use a webhosted blog again. It has some options that I loved on my own blog, so back to this blogspot account.

I know my WHOLE site has been affected because of the change. I am trying to get everything working again for sure, but some items already took alot of time the first time around so they will need a lot of time now as well. Please be patient with me...I am doing ALL I can...

Have a good 2009 everyone! I will be back to blog for sure!

Cynni xxx