Sunday, November 28, 2010

So much, so little, so...

Things I am looking forward to:
FedCon 20 (
Hallowhedon 3 (

Going to Oberhausen (Centro) next Saturday with my mum and lovers. I am very happy that Joyce got time off on Saturday to join us.
And on December 11th, we will see Harry Potter 7.1 again with lovely friends. Looking forward to that as well. Popcorn fight with Kim! Muwhahaha!
Maybe on December 18th we're going bowling with co-workers/friends... But it's still a plan in progress.

Things that I find hard to face:
Xmas. I am not sure what the plans will be. But I do want to share it with George and Joyce for sure. I am afraid that Joyce's "new found" family will pull on her for one of these days. And I am not sure how it will go. I would be happy to celebrate it just with my two loves. Maybe on the first day, invite my parents for a gourmet and on the second day: out for dinner at one of our favorite restaurants... Sounds good...

Things I would never want to face:
owwww I think it's not the time to think about that one. I would hate to lose a loved one! But I guess all have that fear...

Hmmm dunno why I wanted to write this but I guess I needed to vent it....

Time flies

There are times when I can't stop blogging. And there are times I want to blog but just can't find the time to sit down, relax and type. And of course there are also times when I don't want to blog at all.

I love to write. I love to blog. I love to keep journals. But most of the time, it goes well for a few weeks and then I just don't get to it and in the end it's been months before I go on. But I am glad I always know where my journal is and I also have this site to blog on.

Maybe it's also because I am active on Twitter and Facebook that I don't have enough time to write decent blog posts. But now the winter is setting in a month too early (frakking ☃ freezing here!) and I keep myself warm inside. And then I can grab my laptop, sit down with a nice glass of white sweet wine and type.

So that is what I am doing now. Sitting down and writing.

Many things have happened. Some good, some bad. But I want to focus on the good things. Even though there is a song that goes about ♫ all good things come to an end ♫. But I want to think positive. That can be quite hard for someone like me but still... I am doing my best.

Last month we went to Hallowhedon 2. I had a great time, hanging 'round with my girl and meeting up with so many other dear friends there. I would love to post the group picture, but Joyce still has it so I need to grab it so I can scan it. I will try to show it to you all soon! The guests were awesome. I really enjoyed myself very much! So much, that I got up early and went to the main hall on Sunday morning to grab the first gold tickets. And I succeeded! But when I needed to pee and neither Joyce nor Yvonne was around, I was in trouble. If I would go to pee and someone else would be coming in, I would lose the first spot. And I wasn't about to let that happen...
But I succeeded and I got Gold 1, Joyce has Gold 2 and Yvonne got number 3.


Joyce and myself with Anthony Stewart Head.


Me and Stephanie Romanov. GOOD hugger!


Jewel Staite... Lovely...


Alan Tudyk... Crazy!


Robin Sachs... Delightful, witty and wicked!

So well, this is my first post in a while and I hope to come back more often. Hope you liked it ☺