Friday, February 27, 2009

Lazy update from the couch

Hello my dear followers!

Ow that does sound nice, doens't it? Haha... Just kidding, I was wondering if I'd get any comments on it.. So go ahead people, make my day!

I know I blogged earlier about going ahead on the puzzle. But I kinda lost interest on the ay down the stairs and decided to make a pot of tea and watch some House MD on DVD. I am currently watching the last episode of season 3 now. Guess I'll need to get my hands on season 4 soon haha!

And I'm waiting for Joyce to come home with dinner... But she had some car trouble so now George is picking her up. Luckily Joyce and I recently bought a tow cable, just in case... Well, there's the case! But now first she needs to be towed home by George and when they're home... There's still no food. And my tummy is really informing me that it really, really likes to be fed any time soon. It's making soft, stirring noises now and that isn't funny. Yeah OK it's funny when you're still in school and it happens loudly to one of your classmates. But that's not this kind of thing. Or at least I think so. I feel so (it's my tummy)...

Tomorrow Jumper is coming! Whoohoo such a silly dalmation doggy! Ow yeah, Eva's coming too, hihi... And not to forget Joris... The last time I saw him he was about 2 years younger... Yeah we did meet up since then, but sometimes Eva thought it easier to leave the little man with family and have some girly time avec moi (with me, that is... The only bit of French that I actually remember). So tomorrow George won't be the only man present. Most of the time he's stuck between girls, not that I believe he cares a lot... With Steph and Kim he had a awefully good time (and he made Steph cry of laughing...remember the vid I posted back then?)... But tomorrow it's the two female doggies, three females and the 2,5 year old little man.

First Joyce and I will go grocery shopping and George promised to clean up while we're gone. Around 11:30 Eva and her little man and spotted doggy will arive. And I had to promise NOT to mention any Disney DVD's before we're back from the walk in the "Hatertse Vennen", otherwise we might not make it there! Haha! Then Joris will kidnap our DVD player and TV set and well... I guess you can guess what will happen if we try to grab him along... Or if we provide him the DVD... So I'd better NOT mention it indeed before we're back...

I'm also getting ready for our gameweekend that will be held next week. 4 or 5 of our friends are coming over on Saturday and we're going to play games on our Wii and PS3. Sort of like we did 3 weeks ago with Kim and Steph. I am really looking forward to it. But first: Jumper! Haha, I can't stop grinning when I think about the first (and so far only) time Jumper came over and met Chance. But that was 4 months ago. So now I'm wondering how she'll react to an almost 8 months old Chance instead of 4 months... She has matured a bit, that's for sure. But will it suit the jumpy dalmation? Tomorrow we'll know! To be continued...

Still nothing from Joyce and George. I will send this blogupdate now and keep both eyes on the last House MD episode of the third season.

Ta-ta for now my dear followers!
Much luv, Cyn xxx

Getting ready for a Jumpy Saturday

And here is the Jumpy part of upcoming Saturday: Jumper

Yes, Jumper is going to visit us tomorrow. OK, she'll take Eva & Joris along as well, but still... Hopefully there'll be less rain than we're enjoying today so we can have a nice walk in the "Hatertse Vennen" near Nijmegen. And otherwise, well, we'll need to bring our boots along as well.

So after a almost a week without posting, here I am again. It's been quite a busy week with more business coming up. I have worked Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and today this week. All days till 13:00. And seeing we had "Carnaval" here, I did not have fysio but I did go out after work on Tuesday for the "Kuukse 11 Kroegetocht". As I already promised Steve, I will make some pictures of the "Kroegetocht" items soon, since it's hard to explain exactly what's happening here on the Tuesday (and last day) of Carnaval. So after work on Tuesday, I went home, got into my outfit and around 2 pm, George and I headed towards out town's center to enjoy the drinks, music and fun. But it's quite busy as well, seeing there are around 15.000 people enjoying it with you. But I've always had fun, as well as this year. Though I have to admit that I was in bed around 20:30 seeing I was dead tired. But it was really worth it.
On Thursday I went shopping in Kranenburg, Germany, with my mum again and we also went to the Makro. In the afternoon I had a phone conversation with Eva and because of her I searched some great YouTube Disney vids. These are of my favorite songs:

This is a great remix of my favorite character (well, him and Pumbaa) from the Lion King movies:

I hope you enjoyed the songs. I will go downstairs now and try to put together some more pieces of my (our, Joyce and I) puzzle.

As Tigger would say: ta-ta for now!

I'll be back!
Cynni xxx

Saturday, February 21, 2009

A song that makes my mouth sing all day long

In a different light - the Bangles

(V. Peterson/S. Hoffs)

I see you in a different light
I see you in a different light

I wanna make a movie
I wanna put you on the silver screen
Sit in a darkened room and look at you from a distance

Wanna write a novel
Freeze all your expressions into words
Come back later and read about what I should have heard

I see you in a different light
I see you in a different light

I want to paint your portrait
Hang your colors on my wall
Discussing form and content with my friends and drinks
And no one thinks at all

I see you in a different light
I see you in a different light

I heard this song a little after hearing the song by Delta Goodrem. I kept on singing and humming this song and "Angels in the room" for a couple of hours after that.

Today we've been to Nijmegen for our groceries and then we went into the city center. We bought two 1000 pieces jigsaw puzzles we'd thought would be fun. And we bought two books.

Hahaha these vid's on YouTube just cracked me up! Enjoy!

Hope you liked them! I'm off to chat on Skype and post at OMWF&F *wink*

have a good Saturday (or Sunday already) and I'll be back!

Cynni xxx

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Songs that make you think

Sometimes while I listen to my iPod while walking or doing some house chores, there comes a song along that makes you think. With over 8000 songs on my iPod, it tends to happen a bit more often, especially since I am used to think a lot about stuff. I want to know how things work and why I have certain thoughts about things. When I have an opinion about something I always want to be sure that I can explain exactly why I have that opinion. Why I believe more in that than anything else. Maybe it is just some silly thing that makes me who I am. But I guess most people who read this do know me a bit longer than since yesterday and may recognize what I am saying (technically writing, I know) here.

So well, back to the song that I heard. It was a song by Delta Goodrem called Angels in the Room. I will post the lyrics here before proceeding with my "story".

I know there's something here
There's more than meets the eye
More strange more beautiful
Than these words can describe

Don't know how I got here
The past has come and gone
I just know I have found
The place my heart belongs

And I want to stay
I feel safe here in your light
This must be what heaven's like
Must be angel's in the room tonight

So much here in this world
I'll never understand
I'll have to learn to trust
I'll do the best I can

All the mistakes I've made
The wrong turns on this road
Have only led me to your arms
And all I know

I want to stay
I feel safe in your light
This must be what heaven's like
Must be angels in the room
Oh can you feel it too
Must be angels in the room tonight

I was vacuming the livingroom while this song played and it made me think how lucky I am. Yeah, I have had my share of problems, but still... I live in a good house with two people that I love till death and we have a wonderful sweet dog that I hope to be able to hug and love for many more years to come. These words that make this song are so powerful, so touching and so true. If you don't know this artist or song, I would recommend you make your way to your favorite music store and check it for: Delta Goodrem. Photobucket

Ok, now I will write some more about what I've done last night, besides posting video's on my blog. While I was busy posting and checking out video's, I was also on Skype with Steph. And later we were joined by Joyce. Joyce and I have gotten Steph the PERFECT birthday present! I saw a commercial about it on TV and immediately thought: WOW THAT'S WHAT WE'RE GONNA GET HER! So we made arrangements and told Steph she needed to take December 18th off from work. I know we're planning way ahead, but the thing we're going to is only in the Netherlands for 4 days. And seeing the 18th is a Friday, we thought that would be easiest to take off from work. Since then we can take it easy and enjoy the weekend afterwards. Otherwise you will have to take another workday off afterwards as well or feel like sh*t and go to work after the thing we're going to. I just hope she'll like it and I hope we're going to like it as well, seeing the three of us are going together with Steph. PhotobucketWe are giving the present also on behalf of the three of us, otherwise it would be a bit too expensive and Steph would go bouncing all evening long if she'd found out... Photobucket like this or like this Photobucket and then she would tell the one person that he or she is Photobucket totally insane. Well, since all three of us do qualify for the insane job, we thought it'd best if we'd all skip in and take Steph along with us for her birthday. The only thing is that she'll have to wait over 7 months before she can finally (and hopefully) enjoy her present. Hopefully I have made her quite curious now (and made some of the other readers as well).

It's almost noon and I will make myself something to eat now. Chance is comfy sleeping in her bed and I have to change the DVD disc. I am watching House MD season 3 now. Last week I saw an episode of season 2 with Adam Busch in it. His character told House he was fantasising about cows. We (Joyce and I) had to laugh so hard since it was just hilarious and ever since I am wondering how much Adam got teased by Amber when he had to practise his lines. I imagine her making many silly cow noises behind Adams back all the time...

Ah well, I'm off for now. Ta-ta and I'll be back everyone!

Cynni xxx

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Grrr Argh!

All different endings of Mutant Enemy :D Very cool :D

I'll go to bed now :D Ta-ta for now :D

I'll be back!

Cynni xxx

He's AMAZINGLY funny!

On the video I posted before you saw Rodney Carrington. I immediately looked for him on and ordered myself his live DVD. I know it's Region 1 but that's no problem :D

I will post some more wicked vids of him that are on YouTube. Enjoy everyone!!!

Now I can't wait till I get the real DVD :D :D :D :D

A good song to save the world :D

Cool Common Rotation & Amber Benson vids

Hello everyone :)

I was searching on YouTube if there where any vids of Adam Busch appearance in the TV-series "House". Since it was just hilarious and all I could think of was: how much did Amber tease him with making cow noises behind his back???

But I found this vid, also very cool, instead :D

This is also a VERY cool song by Common Rotation:

This Common Rotation video is directed by Amber Benson:

Amber doing "Grrr argh"

Enjoy :D

Need opinions... HELP!

Hello everyone,

I have been working on the new Amber site, as you all know. But now I have made another design and I need help choosing one to become the real site. On Definitely Amber is the first version. On this site is a draft of another style. WHICH one is best???? PLEASE HELP!!!

Thanks *smile & wink*

Much love,
Cynni xxx


Hello my dear followers! (hoping one day there will be more than 3 or so...).

Since my loved ones like it (sometimes even love it) when I create dinner using our wok, I wanted to give another dinner idea a try today. Normally I buy a prepared sacket of wok mix, like Asian or Italian type, add some meat and sause and done. But today I did it different. Today I bought all ingredients and prepared and mixed them myself! For some of you that might sound incredibly dull, I know... But since I am not really what you call a chef in the kitchen, for me it is very good. So *yay* me! I hope the picture I made with my cellphone is clear enough to give you an idea of what I made. I don't know all the English names to the ingredients I used. So if you're interested, gimme a comment and I'll do my best to translate it all. George and Joyce loved it, so again *yay* me!

I'm gonna watch Dr. Phil now *winks*.

Ta-ta for now and I'll be back!
Cynni xxx

Walking while writing...or is it the other way around?

Hello my dear readers!

I'm enjoying a walk in the sun (though it's still cold) towards our towncenter. There I'll find the postoffice. I have a return-parcel to post for Joyce and I have a parcel ready to go all the way to Fresno in the USA. So one of my readers might be very happy right now... I hope, haha.

Hmmm due to the sun it's hard to read what's on my screen. It's no complaint about the sun though!!! I'm quite happy with it. But if you find any strange typo's: please just pretend it all looks like it's written in perfect English and keep smiling while trying to decode what I really tried to type...

I'm also waiting for a call from my boyfriend. He promised to call me back about an hour ago... I guess he forgot or... Ah well, if he gets home and sees I'm not there he.might call to ask where I am. Then I can tell him what I wanted to say when I called him an hour ago: that I'll be off to the postoffice in a short while... Ah well...

While reading up with Amber Benson's blog (now we know how to get her red-headed and all) and her twitter's... I have to admit it is adictive to blog even while being on the road. Though... A blackberry? Amber that's quite old fashioned! You should definitely try out the HTC diamond pro *winks*. (as if Amber would have time to read my blog and read this...).

I am almost in the town's center... Then on to the postoffice! I am really happy I'm able to walk this way again without needing crutches or pain! Only musclepains that remain so far (and the occasional big and strong headaches). Will send off this blog update now so I won't bump into anywone while blogging while walking.

Ta-ta for now and I'll be back!
Cynni xxx

A brand new day

Can't you feel a brand new day
can't you feel a brand new day...

I know it's a brand new day, but I feel more tired after each and every night. I wish I could sleep well. I wish I could fall asleep and, for once even, wake up feeling rested and new. All I feel is my muscles and a growing headache. I know, I shouldn't complain too much. But it's been going for several weeks now. And when I did not need to work, I could take it easy each and every day. Now I am working 3 half days each week, to get into the groove again and though it's going well, it's hard too. Seeing I sleep about 4 hours maximum each night. And when I go to bed earlier I'll just be lying awake more. Tried that, but unfortunately it doesn't help.

My dear friend Steph informed me that she won't be coming over next weekend to prevent misunderstandings and all. I totally understand, though I must admit that I was looking forward to spending some time with her. Ah well, luckily we'll see each other again on March 7th *smile* And, if all goes well, there's always those Skype calls we're going to make (much cheaper than cellphone rates...).

I have to get down and make my bread to take along to work. From 8 till 13 today. I hope all goes well. I will take some painkiller along seeing my head feels like it's about to explode! Ah well, keep breathing and hopefully it'll be alright soon.

Ta-ta for now, wishing you all a good day and/or night *winks*

I'll be back!

Cynni xxx

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Another picture

Hello, I'm back once again!

And I've tried to make another (better) picture of Chance in her Sexy Nickers!
Hopefully you get an idea of what Chance looks like at the moment. It's silly but does work.

Wishing you all a very nice day!

Cynni xxx

Chance's Sexy Nickers

Hello everyone,

I did my best to make a quick snapshot of Chance laying with her sexy nickers on. I need to wash them again this evening, since with putting the undy on and off when she needs to go out (and when she tries to take it of when she thinks we're not watching) the undy gets a bit bloody still. But the good thing is, no need to mob and clean everything all the time. And the thing is, when we try to clean the floor, Chance tries to play with the mob... Resulting in: more floor to clean. Yeah I know, I'll stop "complaining" now. My cell's battery is almost empty so I'll send this update now. Never used the e-mail update including a picture, so hopefully it will work OK.

Much love and huggies... And remember: I'll be back!

Cynni xxx

Ah well...

Heya again! I am back, as I promised *winks*.

I am a bit sad today because I was really looking forward to going to my friends party in Groningen this weekend. But now with Chance her heat, it isn't going to be possible to let her stay at my parents place. Luckily, Steph understood why we could not go, seeing she was supposed to drive along with us to Groningen. Why drive behind each other when you could be driving together (and sharing the costs)? Driving alone for such a long drive... I can't suppose it's fun to do that. So after I had informed Steph, I had to inform Ramona. At first she didn't understand but later on she got it. Unfortunately a dog's period (called a heat) can't be as easy to predict as ours (when using the birthcontrol pill). But since we don't want to breed with Chance, she'll get a small surgery in 3 to 4 months and then: no more heats. No more dripping doggie with her sexy nickers on. So again, through this blog, I am sorry we can't make it... And I am sorry Steph that we can't take you along. We will save your prezzies Ramoon, so you can pick them up March 7th during our game weekend!
Steph, I hope we did not "screw" too much with your plans. As said: not planned and it just came at an unfortunate time... Just know, that if you don't mind seeing Chance in her sexy nickers and you still wish to do something else besides sitting home alone: the door's always open for you! Since you did plan coming to us this weekend. We just can't take you along to Groningen *sobs* thanks to Chance... I know we can't really blame Chance, since we knew she would get her heat someday. But her timing is just not too good. On the other hand, it usually takes about 3 weeks, so hopefully she is nicker-free when we have our game weekend. That would be easier though...
So again: sorry Ramoon that we can't come and sorry Steph that we can't take you along for the ride. But: we'll sure have better luck next time!!! And you're always welcome to visit us *winks*.

Okidokie, let's switch to another topic. I read in one of the comments that Steve did not really know Helloween and/or Iron Maiden... So I went to YouTube!
Helloween has it's own channel at YouTube! I wanted to share a video of them, of one of my favorite songs. It's from the "Gambling with the Devil" (2007) CD.

"As long as I fall"

This one is from the album that I recently bought: "The Dark Ride" (2000).

"If I could fly"

Now I will see if I can find any Iron Maiden stuff on YouTube. Ah I have found a making of vid of the album that I bought: "A matter of life and death" (2006). Part 1, 2 & 3 are coming up! Check them out if you're interested...

I believe that should be enough of the video's and you'll have been able to get a glance at the music on the albums. They're both Rock/Metal genres.

I am going downstairs so Chance can be released from her bench. We keep her in there now when she's alone, since she doesn't see the charm of her sexy nickers and takes them off when no one is watching. And that means: a lot of cleaning to do when she's not in her bench. And she doesn't mind being in it. She often goes in by herself to sleep in it anyways...

Sending you much love and huggies and remember, I'll be back!

Cynni xxx

Monday, February 16, 2009


Heya everyone out there!

Ah well, where should I start? Chance "decided" it was time for her to become a "big girl" and what a fun it ain't! I am glad that this will be her one and only period, since we decided to "help" her. We don't want to breed with her and this is not comfortable for her and seriously not easy for us... I gave her an old undy from me, and I cut a hole in it for her tail. In it, she got "Always" there since that does work for dogs as well *winks*. But she tries to take off her sexy nickers every time she thinks we're not looking.
And the thing is, we were supposed to go to a friend's place next weekend to celebrate her birthday. Chance was scheduled to have a sleep over at my parents place. But since their Dachshund Brutus is a totally 100% male dog... It's just not do-able. You either have to lock one of them up or watch them 24/7. Yeah, even though Chance is twice the hight of Brutus, I am sure she'll eagerly "bend over" for him. She is even rubbing her @$$ against my leg when I sit on the couch, holding her tail out of the way... Like lovers do in the doggie world. George is accusing us now of buying a lesbian dog...since she only did it to me (with me?) and me only.

So we had to cancel the birthday plans and we were sorry we could not take another dear friend of us along. But luckily we will meet again on March 7th so hopefully we can hand over our prezzies then.

Have a nice day, I am back to watching the sexy nickers (haha I have to think about the old TV-series "Are you being served?" every time I call Chance's undy that). Making sure she'll keep them on. Because, when you want to mob the floor when she does get a chance to prance around without them and you have to clean up after her...she tries to play with it, making the floor even redder. Nope, no fun at all. Though it does keep you busy for sure.

Ta-ta for now everyone! I'll be back!

Cynni xxx

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Working on ..::Definitely Amber::..

Hello everyone,

I've been working again on the new ..::Definitely Amber::.. website again. I still have to add some info to the movie sites, but I did add a small biography and the start for the books section. I fotgot how to easily add pages in a pre-defined way... So that makes it a bit harder. And I did not want to spend too much time on finding out how I did it before, so that is why I did not proceed as much as I wanted to.

I will get my @$$ into the kitchen. Prepare the union and leek and get the pastasause and pasta ready so it can be served as dinner *winks*.

Please, lemme know what you think of the Amber site I am making by leaving me a comment. And if you think my blog is interesting, in any way, please click on the "Follow" button! Thanks!

Have a good Sunday everyone *smile*

I'll be back!
Cynni xxx

Playing the game

Hey! Here I am again!

I've been playing the game for over an hour and I got kinda stuck... I have to defend my holographical friend but there are just too many police dudes trying (well, in my case: succeeding every time!) to kill both him and me... I have seen Joyce do it but while she was doing it, I was typing my blog. Or was I typing an e-mail? Ah well, I was a bit distracted to really see how she did it. I guess my strategy just sucks... Or maybe I'm using the wrong weapon. Or maybe my aim is just horrible and bad. Anyway... I am waiting for George and Joyce to get home from the fitness (haha they just came in!) and hopefully Joyce can get this mission rolling again. I have tried and as I wrote, I am doing something wrong...

Hmmm I wanted to go out for a walk this afternoon with Chance since the weather looked kinda nice... Now it just started to snow! Ah well, I would have to wait anyway, seeing Joyce still has to eat (and hopefully defeat those policemen for me). She just started killing those irritating police dudes *winks*. Well, the title of the game is "Destroy all humans" hihi... It is a fun game to play, though I am still struggling with the controls. I've never been to good with controls that had more than a 4-way cursor, an A and a B button (I miss the old GameBoy... Nintendo, whyyyyy?!? *sobs*). So playing on either Wii, PS3 or PSP can be quite frustrating at times for me. Though that doesn't mean it can't be fun! Especially when your girlfriend is willing to slay the humans for me when I can't succeed. There are many games I've.never been able to finish due to not getting through a single level. George did try it for me occasionaly, but I have to admit that Joyce is a bit better in it... Maybe it's the age difference, who knows?

It's stil snowing... And Joyce just finished so I can go on while she'll be having lunch.

C U all later, dear readers! I'll be back!

Cynni xxx

New music I'm listening to

Heya everyone,

last week I got two new Cd-singles (1 thanks to Colette @ and two new Cd's. The Cd's are older ones, the singles are in the Dutch and Swedish charts right now. I'd thought I could share the covers with you, so you know what I am currently listening to.

Bertolf: Another day

Per Gessle: Sing Along

Iron Maiden: A Matter Of Life And Death

Helloween: The Dark Ride

Please do note that I do not own the ©opyrights to all the cover images. If you are interested, please Google the artist and support him/her/them by buying their album(s).

Since Joyce bought a new game for our PS3 on Friday and I watched while she played it yesterday, I want to try it out now.

I'm off to play *smile*

Have a nice day and I'll be back!

Cynni xxx

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Just a small note

Hello everyone,

I am back for just a very short post and then I am off to bed with my loved ones and a good movie. Since Joyce never saw "Basic Instinct" (I know, quite romantic haha!) we're going to watch it *smile*.

I made some changes today to the Dutch Amber site. I changed some fonts into bigger ones, changed the background and added some video clips to the movie section. Now I need to finish some of the descriptions of the movies and then I will work on a total bio page and books page. Ah well, first need to finish what I am working on. And after that, I will go on with the other movies (so a second movie part) that she had smaller roles in, like "King of the Hill", "Bye bye love" and "The Crush". But all in good time. Feel free to check it out and leave me a comment here on how you like the site so far.

I am off to brush my teeth after eating way too much and the lovely Chinese restaurant in Gennep... Wow, I am totally STUFFED like a pig with an apple in it's mouth...

Ow Steve, the Bertolf single arrived today. The lovely lady I emailed with send me two copies! One for you and one for me as well!!! So thanks again dear Colette at!!!

Much love and many hugs,
Cynni xxx

Valentine's Day

Hello sweetie-pies!

I am sending you a message from the couch, wishing you all a happy day full of love, romance and fun!

I got George and Joyce both a card and a small prezzie. Just for fun and to show them I care. George had told us that he knew a nice restaurant and that he would take us there. But of course he is trying to call that place NOW to see if he can fix us a reservation. Haha, knowing him, he'll probably succeed... So we're hoping he can fix it and that we'll have a nice dinner somewhere tonight. Otherwise it's Dönner tonight *winks*.

Yesterday I got a message from the online store where I've ordered the "Another Day" single by Bertolf for Steve...they could not deliver it since the company that supplied them stopped sending out the single. So I went online again and tried to to find another store so I could get the single for Steve. Finally, after getting no success at all the sites I've looked at, I've decided to try one more thin: e-mail the record label that produced it and tell them my problem. And within 2 hours they have promised to send out his single to me...FOR FREE! Thanks ever so much 8-Ball!!! You have made me happy and thanks to you, I can make Steve even MORE happy! So if you haven't checked his music out, please do so now! If you need/wish more links: check some of my older blogs, it's in one of them *winks*.

I will see if I can interest Joyce in going for a walk with Chance. Maybe George wants to come along as well. But I guess I'll wait for about half an hour... We're watching an episode of the second season of House and I wanna know how it goes on.

Have a GREAT Valentine's Day! Sending you much love and huggies,
Cynni xxx

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Starting up "Definitely Amber" again

Hello everyone, I am back!

It's been a long time since I got approval of both Amber and Diane Benson to make a Dutch Amber Benson site. And I did make one (which sucked) and then never got around to really making it work. But due to the switch in server providers I've lost the old site. No worries, I still hated it... So I am making a new site now :) Boy, it's really a lot of work when one wants to make it totally perfect. Since I do all my testing with my sites online (the best way to test, I think; yeah there is a possibility someone sees your maybe not perfected site, but then they know you are dedicated to it and working on it...), there is a small (very small) part of the site online :D Just check the following link if you wanna see a glimp of what it will look like in the end: ..::Definitely Amber::.. Remember it's a Dutch site. If I ever get it the way I like it, I might make the whole site in English as well. But forst I wish to focus on the Dutch part. I've also mailed with Benson Entertainment, to make sure I do have their permission as well to post official Amber stuff. I know Amber did approve, but I'd like to be sure before Im in trouble.

Today I am having a day off. I woke up, cleaned up the mess that Chance made and fed Chance. And when I looked outside to let Chance do her thing...there's snow! I do like snow, but only when I don't have to leave the house that day by car. So in a while, hopefully not too late, when George and Joyce are up, I can start cleaning the car. I am hoping the city service did a good job with keeping the streets slippery clean and all.

Also today, Brutus (my parents' dachshund) is getting a small surgery. He had a lump of fat directly behind one of his elbows. Since the lump was slowly growing, it was getting harder for him to walk. So they decided it should be removed, so he can walk and run freely again.

Ah well, I will work some more on the new site and hope that Joyce and George will wake up soon.

Much love and huggies, ta-ta for now and I'll be back!

Cynni xxx

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Last Sunday...we played some Mario Kart (among other things)

Hello everyone!

As promised, here I am again with the rest of my weekend update on this blog. I promised to write more about the Sunday so I will.

After George went to bed, we played some more SingStar (already forgot if I mentioned this). After a while we got busy gossiping *wink* haha! No, we just chatted about stuff that was on our minds, asking other's opinions and all. And then, it was already past 1:30 am, Kim wanted to play some more Buzz! So we played... And went to bed around 2:45 am. Joyce was still very hot due to her fever and George was snoozing the night away.

Joyce got up around 8:30 to feed Chance and let get go into the garden. After that, she returned to bed. George got up about an hour later. Dunno what he did downstairs, seeing I was still very tired from the lack of good night's rests and it was late before going to bed. So I turned around and found a comfy way again and slept on. I woke again around 10:30. I also woke Joyce, seeing I heard the girls chatting in the other room, so I knew they were awake as well. While Steph and then Kim took showers, I prepared everything I needed for breakfast. I toasted bread and baked eggs to go on the toasted bread.

When everyone had enough to eat, we cleaned up the table and since Joyce had been talking about Super Mario Kart the previous day, I started up our Wii and placed the disc.

Photobucket Photobucket

We started of playing Kart of different tracks and as different characters. First only with two players, since we only have two wheels. Then George joined in using his controller and nunchuck. We only have 3 controllers, so we could not play with 4 at the same time (maximum).

After Mario Kart, we attached our Dance mat to the Wii and let Kim, George and myself get into the groove, or something like that... At one point, George kept hitting himself with the nunchuck wire and after that he kept yelling "Ouch"! It was so funny that it brought Steph to tears.

After that, we played some Rayman Raving Rabbids TV games. These are very funny and wicked games and can result in a lot of laughter. Of course I made some pictures and video's to share with you *winks*

Photobucket Photobucket

Around half past four our dear friends decided it was time to head back home. We have had a great weekend, as you have seen now. And we're all very much looking forward to March 7th, when we'll meet up with even more friends to play the games all over again *smile* You've been warned! *giggles*

I'm heading back to my board Photobucket Once more, with feeling & friends and create some posts about episodes of season 2 of Buffy (already finished season 1, luckily there's just 7 seasons *wink*).

I'm currently listening to the CD "For Life" from Bertolf. Steve really adores him and while I got him a normal copy of this album, Steve also got a personally signed copy from Mister Bertolf himself... So far, I really like what I'm hearing. He'll be playing in Nijmegen on March 12th and we're planning on getting us some tickets for his gig. We only wait since George has to check if he can come along because of his work. So we might go all three of us and otherwise it'll be just Joyce and me. Some more links to Bertolf's music:
Fanpage on Hyves:

I hope you've enjoyed this post as mush as I have enjoyed creating it.

Ta-ta for now, see ya later alligator! And don't forget: I'll be back!

Luv, Cynni xxx

The day off & how it went last weekend

Hello everyone!

After a hard day of work yesterday (worked from 8 till 12:30 and then on for an hour of therapy) I have the day off today. I used the time to sleep a bit longer, or at least I've tried to. My back told me I really had to get up at a quarter to nine and I obeyed. George is now walking with Chance, he just left when I was coming down and Joyce is still in bed. Last weekend she got the stomach flu and now she is slowly getting better. I'm just hoping George or I will not get it. Though it would be good for my weight. I still need to lose some (or some more as well). But I also like taking yummy things so it's about time the weather will change from all this rain to loads of sun and we can go out and walk and ride bikes and all. That surely helps me control my weight a bit better and when I am finally allowed to go to the gym again, that would also point me in the right direction.

Ah well, last post I've told you I was waiting for the arrival of Steph and Kim. Well, they arrived around a quarter to one and I prepared lunch immediately (we were hungry, hihi). After that we played some SingStar and Buzz. Then we all (OK except for George) took al walk with Chance. It started to rain, blaaah... But never mind, we went ahead and all (including Chance) had a lot of fun.
Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

When we got home, we played some more games but Joyce was starting to get sick. While Steph and Kim were singing their lungs out, I started to make dinner. Joyce was doing worse by the hour and she felt guilty. I told her that there was no need to feel that way, she did not ask for it. But so many people have it and you can get it quite easily. So she just had a lot of bad luck getting it the weekend Steph and Kim were with us. Joyce helped me set the table even though she could not really join us. She did try some dry rice but it was all useless. So after dinner, I send her to bed. I promised to check on her two hours later. She started getting a fever and it would be no use for her to stick around and feel even more sh*tty because she couldn't join in on the games. I am still glad she did get to play Buzz in the afternoon.

Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

That evening we started out with Guitar Hero World Tour on the PS3. George already referred to us as the new Jostiband. But then he had to admit that we sucked too much to ever be a part of that band. Ah well, it did give us the opportunity to make some nice pictures and video's.

Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

This is what we looked like while playing *wink*. Lemme check if I can add a nice video as well *winks again*.

Well, this is what they looked like while playing live *big grin*.

After a while, George went to bed. I had checked up with Joyce around 9 pm, but she was still having a fever and looking more pale than ever so I told her just to stay in bed. It wasn't fun, but it was best for her.

When George went to bed, the three of us switched over to playing SingStar again. Here a vid of Steph and Kim singing a part of "We all stand together" by Sir Paul.

I hope you all like the vids. We changed places with singing and having a time out once every while.

Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

As you can see, Chance did not mind our singing at all and just slept on. I will post more today about the Sunday, but I am getting hungry so I'd like some breakfast now. I hope you have enjoyed this blog/post so far *smile*.

Ta-ta for now dears and I'll be back!

Cynni xxx

Saturday, February 07, 2009

Waiting...and what interests me...

Hello everyone *wink*

While awaiting the arrival of Steph and Kim, I've decided to write you all another blog. Lately I have been eagerly reading the one and only Amber Benson Blog and I just saw that Gin started one as well. So if you wanna know what interests me, also check out those blogs.

Amber Benson is probably still best known for her role as Tara Maclay in "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" throughout season 4, 5 and 6.

But she also co-wrote several books, like the Ghost of Albion series (together with Christopher Golden) and the BBC Ghost of Albion on-line series. She has had several guest appearances in series like Supernatural and Cold Case.
This month her first real book will come out: Death's Daughter.

So if I made you interested in knowing more about this wonderful young woman, check out her blog.

I have been listening to songs from "Repo! The Genetic Opera" lately. It stars former "Buffy" actor Anthony Stewart Head and Sarah Brightman. And thanks to my wonderful Californian friend Steve, I will get the DVD and CD soundtrack in a while *yay*. He ordered them for me. After hearing the songs I am really curious to seeing the whole thing.

The cover of the soundtrack

Anthony as Giles in the 6th Buffy episode.

And on my/our "Once more, with feeling & friends" board, my friends and I are slowly counting down towards Hallowhedon. Just one guest is known for now: Nicholas Brendon, known as "Xander Harris" from "Buffy the Vampire Slayer".


A screenshot from the 4th Buffy episode, showing Nicholas as Xander on guitar.

So now you some more about what's been keeping me busy lately. I hope the additional links and info made my obsession with these actors/singers/writes/and so on seem like a very natural thing. And maybe you will get under their spell as well...

I will save this blog now and get my @$$ downstairs. I don't know how fast the girls are driving *wink* but I'd like to be ready when they arrive.

Will keep you updated about the funny things that might happen tonight, haha *wink* *cheesy grin*

Much love and huggies,
Cynni xxx

Wednesday, February 04, 2009


Hello everyone!

I know it's been a while since my last update. Last week I started working half days again. The first week I had Thursday off and this week Thursday and Tuesday. So I can relax while my body is getting adjusted to the different movements again. My muscles in my lower back and shoulders are very sore but I'll be OK. Joyce massages me every evening. Even though it hurts, it does help my muscles relax And I still have therapy and exercises I need to do at home. So hopefully my muscles will get used to being used in the new ways and positions now.. It is really nice not to have those awefull hip pains anymore but having muscleaches ain't much fun either. Ah well, after 11,5 years of hiptroubles, it's only almost 4 months after the BHR surgery. So I know I will need to give it some more time (months) before I can really start to complain if the aches are still so present.

This weekend, two dear friends of ours will come on Saturday. We're looking forward to spending time together. And since they're staying the night, we can play some nice party games on either Wii or PS3. SingStar or Buzz for example. I will see if I can make some nice pictures and/or videos to post in my blog here.

The new Once more, with feeling & friends board is also slowly coming to life again. Together with top posters Yvonne and Gin, we're slowly putting all the Whedon info back online. And of course our other members do their best as well. Some are quite active in the game section ;-) What I like most about the board is, even though we just have 14 members so far, everyone considers the other members as close friends. And also even though some members are not Dutch, we do try to have gatherings and meet-ups with all who wish to join in. The last weekend of October we're going to meet up with Gin during the Hallowhedon weekend! Whoohoo! I just love the feeling that because of a board I once created, people have made and becom such good friends, me included. Thanks Joss :-) Haha!

We're now on our (George and my) way back from Sittard. Joyce is working the late shift today and George asked me to come along. So I went along. But I am getting quite hungry now. So I will start fixing dinger when we get home. And I guess (well, know for sure to be honest) that Chance would like her dinner as well. Tomorrow she will be 7 months, and going over on two meals a day instead of three.

Ah well, I will send off this update. Otherwise I am not really good company for George.

Take good care everyone!
Much love and huggies,
Cynni xx