Wednesday, June 24, 2009

More pictures @ Photobucket

Hello everyone,

at this moment I am uploading 109 new pictures to my Photobucket account!
If you'd like to check it, just follow this link: Bavaro holiday pictures

Thanks to the people who wrote a comment on my previous post :)

The weather has it's up's and downs here, and as we learned during our Eco tour yesterday, there are more things here that are more down than up besides the weather... But I will get to that when I am home again, and will be posting our vacation blogs. Then I will also use some of the pictures that are avalible at my Photobucket. So then you will know exaclty what you've been looking at before :) But as written before, I'll do that when we're home again and when I've got the time then to do so.

Today it's around 28 degrees Celcius, with clouds covering the sun every now and then, but no rain (yet). That's what you get in the rain season. But no complaints seeing we've got more good than bad days here. Even I am getting a slight tan... Or should I say a light tan, compared to some people around here who see the sun and are instantly part of the DR color wise???

Hasla la vista baby!
I am off now, so Joyce can use some of the time to edit her blog as well.

I'll be back before you know it!!!

Cynni xxx

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Dominic Republic

Hello everyone,

I received some text messages saying that people were checking my blog and they were disappointed that there were no pictures online... Since we don´t have much time here, I will quickly post a link to the pictures that I have already uploaded to my Photobucket account.

DR - Bavaro, Villas Resort & Spa

Enjoy viewing! More details will come later people!

TTFN, Cynni xxx

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Just a quick one

Sorry, since I am posting this with my cellphone, I can't add a music video, so no "musical attachment" or title this time.

I did pack the biggest part of my suitcase. It's 18 kilo's now, am allowed 23. So I can even still use the small bits of spaces that are left, if needed. We did already pack a bag with old shirts and some pants, some pencils and paper stuff. Seeing many people in the DR lost all they had during the hurricane season last year, Wimpy (a Dutch touroperator on DR) asked if we could bring some old tshirts for the local population. And seeing we'll be doing a tour with him during which we'll visit a local school, he asked us to bring some pencils and all. Seeing we are all allowed two pieces of luggage, weighing 23 kilo's each (I've never been allowed to bring THAT much on a plain!), we'll take an extra suitcase with those clothes and all. I am thinking on buying some more pencils on Friday, seeing I have the day off then and we've only spend about 5 euro's so far... I guess if we're taking a trip like this, we could spend at least 5 euro's each to help out a poor children's school. So when we take Chance to my parents on Friday and visit the GWK (to get some dollars), I will drag Joyce along one more time to buy some stuff for the school!

My tummy's still not feeling OK and I've been typing this whole message while on the toilet (yeah you've always wanted to know that haha!), my legs start falling asleep and I should send this post and get off...

So just another small update. Will go to bed, watch some DVD and then hopefully (finally) sleep well for a change...

Cynni xxx

Make every whisper turn into a scream…

…I wish I could fly… © Roxette

Today was another long day at work, from 7:30 till 17 (again!). Work went kind OK though, but the hours seemed to go way to slow. Around 15:30, I felt really hot and dizzy and not a bit nauseated. And because of this, I started to get a headache as well. But I held on till 17 and then quickly went home. I ate some dry bread (roasted) with bouillon and now I am here, posting.

I’d like to thank all my dear friends who have been supporting me the last few days! Thanks everyone, it really helps to know I got you to fall back on to when the going gets though.

I am a bit too tired to write a whole, long post. And I don’t have a lot of interesting stuff to tell. Only that, if Joyce succeeds this Friday morning in getting the tickets, she and Steph and I will see Rammstein live in Arnhem, on December 6th. I am really hoping she can log in in time to get 3 tickets. I just want seats though, no boots against my head! Haha!

Some good news though, before I go ahead and post this blog already: I will pack my suitcase in a few minutes…

Much love and many hugs, will keep you updated!
TTFN, Cynni xxx

Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Here it comes... comes the promised video! Enjoy!

The © is owned by Roxette, EMI Music & MTV Unplugged.

Here it comes…

…here comes the weekend (© Roxette).

*I wanted to post a video of the song by Roxette here, but there was no good quality on YouTube yet… Am ripping my MTV Unplugged DVD, will need to edit to get the song and then upload it… Am working on it now...*

Just 2 more days that will be spend at work and then, it’s weekend already! But for me, it can’t be weekend soon enough. Work was OK though today, seeing it was a not too busy day and my boss had a day off. So we had everything spick and spam in no time and we even had some fun doing it.

I have been getting some nice comments of some dear friends on my previous posts and I really appreciate it! Thanks galls! I know I would be a dumb @$$ if I would not go with George and Joyce on vacation. But I am scared that I might spoil the fun. That’s why it keeps me wondering if I would be a total egoistic person if I would join, just because otherwise I would be scared to miss anything. On the other hand, I am not egoistic if I have so many doubts about it just because I do not want to spoil their moods. It is not easy, that is for sure. But hopefully I will be able to discuss this with Joyce and George as well (though it’s a bit harder with George, due to him being more stubborn than I am at times) that I might have some mood swings if I join and there might be times that I really need to be left alone to figure things out. I guess I would blame myself for not going, when I am here all alone and feeling down. And I also guess I would hit myself in the head for not going when they return with a lovely tan and all these experiences… So I guess my best guess is as good as yours and I might join them after all… I will need to talk about the sometimes needed a bit of time just for me, myself and I. But I think that it will work out… Don’t you think so?

The flag of the Dominic Republic.

A site with some pictures taken all around the Dominic Republic.


And some Google Earth images, so people who have no idea where the DR is, hopefully they know after reading-viewing this blog.

Google Earth - North, Middle and South America Google Earth - Middle America

Google Earth - Middle America 2

Google Earth - DK 1

Some more info about the country can be found on this Wikipedia site. And many people have asked me how long our flight will approximately take. The answer to that question is: ±9 hours. The time zone of the DR (DR = Dominic Republic) is GMT-5 hours. Seeing the Netherlands is  GMT+1, there is a time difference of 6 hours.

I do hope that, especially for the ones who did not have a clue where the DR is, this blog post has made things a bit easier to understand. Otherwise, just download Google Earth™ and search for it!

I have been thinking a whole lot about myself, my situation and my feelings. Maybe because it was an easy day at work, I felt a bit more relaxed and allowed myself to do as I pleased. As I wrote before, all the work was done and in time, with fun. And that is what I have been missing so much. Fun at work. We’re supposed to work like we’re robots, and what’s the fun in that? if our work could be done by robots, we would have been replaced as soon as the market was ready for it. But I guess many people would hate to see robots running a store. No real people to interact with (or even nag at, at times!) and no feelings. Shopping, even grocery shopping, maybe especially grocery shopping, is done with feelings. You have to wonder what you like to eat, what you would like to “feed” the people you live with and how much time you’d like to spend cooking/preparing it. When you are in a hungry mood, you are bound to find your shopping basket fuller than you had intended.But the hunger makes you wish to buy more delicious things. And some people enjoy talking to us, talking with me, because some people know I will take an interest in them personally. Why else would I be able to call some customers by their first name? Some people even get mad if I use any polite forms (like madam or sir) when they have told me I need to just call them by their name? I have had some complaints in the almost 8 years but I have had many, many more compliments! And I think some people, if they wish to complain about anything they will, but making compliments is something that people normally don’t just do. I mean, when something is wrong on the register, they’ll complain immediately (well, some of them) but when things are OK, they usually take it for granted. So when people give you heart felt compliments, it does feel good. But when your boss tells you that you don’t work as he would like you to, you start to wonder if it is you who does anything wrong, or (seeing you get compliments) that your boss has a slightly weird idea or good and bad doing… And that is what makes me wonder so much, the good and bad perspective of things. It is important to keep your boss happy (is it?) but I believe it is even more important that the customers are happy! If you only do as your boss tells you and it creates a bad atmosphere in the store, a customer will not be eager to come back again. If the customer feels like his/her needs are filled and he/she is treated with respect, as a real guest of the store, he/she will be eager to come back and buy (maybe) even more the next time… Or is it just me who thinks like this?

Colored flowers

I am now rendering the “Here comes the weekend” MTV unplugged video by Roxette. So when it is done, I can upload it to my YouTube™ and then finally add it to this blog post. It seems silly to tell you what I have been doing and am doing, when you don’t even notice it, because when you read this, it’s all ready and done.

I do hope that this blog will shed some more light on my current feelings, and even more, thoughts and perspective. I am always happy when you leave a comment, and I am even more grateful then, because I know some people read it, but by leaving me a comment, it shows a bit more how much you care.

I am starting to have some trouble writing now, I am getting quite tired, I guess. So I will post this blog now and promise you that as soon as I can post the video of today’s song, I will! Yeah, in case you haven’t noticed, I am trying to make a title based on a song, based on how I am feeling when I am writing the post. And, when ever possible, I will post the (YouTube™) video as well, so you are able to listen to the song, in case you don’t know it (yet).

TTFN everyone, thanks for caring!!!
Cynni xxx

Monday, June 08, 2009

Disney's Hollywood Tower of Terror

Hello everyone,

I am back with a small update. Some people have been asking me about Disney's latest attraction (in their Studio park): the Hollywood Tower of Terror. So here is a small "tour" of the ride.

First you stand in line.
Then you are atmitted into the first "zone", waiting to enter the library.
There you watch an English (Frensh subtitled) "Twilight Zone" video (see my previous post and/or youtube account).
Then you move in into the next line.
When you are in front of your elevator, you will be assigned a number, which correspondents with your seat.
You enter your elevator, which is basically a big cage with seats and seatbelts.
The bellboy (or girl sometimes) tells you the guidelines in English and Frensh.
You check your belt and have to put your hands up in the air.
The door closes and your elevator moves backwards into the elevator shaft.
You go up one level, the door opens and you see a big mirror. It's time to wave goodbye, when you see your image changed into a ghostly one.
And again, up one level. You see the original hotel guests you saw in the library video. But then...
You go up and down several times, two times you are allowed to "enjoy the scenery" (as seen in the vid previously posted as well, otherwise on my youtube).
And then it's time to leave the elevator. It moved forward again and the bellboy (or girl) will greet you back with a big cheesy grin.
And then you look at your fastpass ticket, realising it's only one hour to go before your next Tower ride ;-)

Hope this explains it all well enough. For the real experience, visit Disney Resort, Paris, France.

Cyn xx

If we changed it back again…

Things will never be the same

This is an un-official video, but the editing is just SO good that I wanted to share it with you on my blog.

First I’d like to thank my dear blog readers (& commenter's) on their sweet comments. I am still feeling unsure about what to do. And the silly thing is, that I really expected someone to comment like: you are insane if you are not going on vacation… But they is just the opposite off it all. And that makes me wonder… Even more than I already was wondering.I really do wish to go and I think I really deserve it (and yeah, I’ve paid for it already as well) but on the other hand, I am scared that my mood will f*ck up the holiday spirit for George and Joyce. I am afraid that because of my low self esteem lately, I will feel bad and because of that ruin there well earned days of sun, sea and delicious drinks. I am still in doubt and it feels weird. Even though I really wish to go, I also am afraid to go and mess things up. I know I am repeating myself but it is the thing that keeps my thoughts occupied these days, hours and minutes. I wish to have fun and relax and enjoy myself. I wish to feel better about myself again.

But the thing is: today I had my last physic therapy and I already told my boss (and wrote a note) in May. And soon I will have a day off before my vacation will start, to arrange everything and all. And today, he planned me the whole day and that extra day was planned in as well. I am not sure if he did it on purpose or not, but it did make me feel bad again. Like he’s teasing me, testing me how far I am willing to undergo and take it. As stated before, if he wants me off, he has to fire me… This is just one thing that makes me feel oh so insecure about myself. Makes me wonder if the work I do is appreciated and worthy. I know I do not earn as much as Joyce and I will never be able to earn as much as George. And I was used to the idea of him making more money and all, but the idea that someone 7 years younger with lesser experience earns the same (or even more) as I do now… It also adds to the wondering on how worthy I am. Seeing in the end of this month, I will work at my current location for 8 years already. And I know I have been absent for several whiles, but when I felt up to it, I always went to work. I even worked half days till about a week before my last surgery. And still I am told that I cost the company a lot of money… Other people would have called in sick 100% a long time before I have and I did my best. And I was also told that the last few weeks before that surgery, I was working “less fast” than was wanted. Yeah well, working on “tramadol” (painkillers) is still hard work, even if you don’t feel your pains and aches 100%… When I got that comment, I really had to hold back my tears, seeing I gave all I could when I could and still it clearly wasn’t enough.

Lost and lonely

So all that together, and with an extra added bad night’s rest (due to discomfort/muscle aches and nightmares) and a really low self image to begin with… Really made me feel like I did not matter. Like I just have to live to work and not work to be able to live. And when I had some time off from work, I would often spend it helping out George or Joyce (or both) with house chores. So no rest for my body as well. But if I would not help them, I would feel like I let them do all the hard work and I really want to do my part as well.

So now I am still in doubt about many things. Even though I have to admit I was really happy and excited when Steve opened up his prezzie during the voice chat with us and some dear other friends.

DSC02850 DSC02851 DSC02855
FINALLY I am able to post these pictures on my blog!!!

This surely made me very happy, but it also felt surreal. I am not sure if I can explain it, but I knew it would make Steve a very happy birthday boy *winks* and still I wished I would have been able to see his surprised expressions when he would pick the shirt out of the box and find out that it’s signed… And it was quite hard NOT to mention this “signing event” on my blog or board, because if he would real it anywhere, it would definitely spoil the surprise. Ah well, I am totally *yay* that it arrived safely and will now be framed as well *smiles*.

Usually, my working hours on Tuesday used to be from 8 till 17. Recently, as in the last 3 weeks, my boss has called me every Monday afternoon (at work or at home) to tell me that I have to start at 7:30.. *yay*… As said, I usually did not mind to work, but with all the real appreciation that has been shown, I really have to drag myself out of bed…

And now I am becoming so tired that I make errors in every 5 words I try to write, so I will upload this post and then get ready for a painful massage and then to go to bed.


Sunday, June 07, 2009

Going down, down, down…

Even though I have had the privilege of doing many fun things lately, and you have read about it here, please do keep in mind that I am catching up from over a year of not being able to do those things.

Lately I still have been feeling like I’m on a one way train, going down, down, down…

I know I am not alone, but at times I do feel like it anyway. Or I feel like I want to be alone, or left alone even. Just want to rethink stuff that’s been happening in my life lately. Stuff that I could not avoid and had to go through and deal with. Stuff I could not turn my back to, even if I begged for it, and stuff that always had a painful side to it. I guess my friends and blog-readers kinda know what “stuff” I am and/or can be referring to. To others, maybe new to this blog, I would advise to sit back and just check out the previous posts I have made.


But lately work is shitty. I had a deal with my boss about building up hours to get me and my body adjusted to it. And also that if I was planned to work a whole day, but it would be possible to leave a bit earlier, that I would be the one to go. But well, instead of going from half days work to 3/4 days and then full days, he just put me in for full days within a week of making this “deal” about building up my hours. And, as I wrote about before, at times I have to work because “…” (a reason) and then there are always others that are allowed to go home, even though I am still around. And last Friday, he planned me for half a day. The roster said that after my appointment with the health inspector, I had the afternoon off. So, guess what…?! YEAH! I had to get back!!!! And not for a few hours, nope, for the whole rest of the day!!!
And during the talk with that health doc, who was 30 minutes late!!!, I got the feeling he already mailed the letter he wanted to write about this appointment. Seeing he did not listen to any of my complaints and/or body troubles. When I told him that I felt like I was living to work instead of working to have a life, he said that “if I could work all these hours, I was declared 100% OK to work full days again”. That was after I told him about my ankles and back aches, my headaches and the fact that it was all too much! That I even worked around 8,5 hours a day, 4 of the 5 days a week. And all he mentioned then was “that he would advise my boss not to let me work more than 40 hours, like my contract said I had to work”. Yeah, that will help.
So when I went back to work after that conversation, well, him babbling and not listening to anything I said, I was pissed and mad and I have been feeling down and depressed ever since. Even people at work think he’s playing me so I will quit working there. But nope, that isn’t happening. I want my full benefits when I quit work and the only way to get those, is to be fired. So well… I will do my best for the customers, seeing they do deserve it (well most of then anyway). But furthermore, I am taking things easy. Why should I feel like I am dead when I get home from work, only to work my @$$ off again next day and feel shitty again when coming home??? It’s a circle I do not want to stay in, that’s for sure.


And I’ve just had it with about anything. I am not even excited or looking forward to that planned vacation and I really meant it when I wrote earlier that I would not mind to stay home alone with Chance. I just feel like I need “me-time”. Time to spend alone, being able to think things over, think my life over.

Marie & Helena

I will send this “update” to my blog soon and then head over to the couch downstairs and hopefully be able to watch some telly or a DVD.

Take care everyone!
TTFN, Cynni xxx

Will stay home alone

Since a lot of things have been going shitty and I feel like I'm a big pile of that stuff...I've decided it would be best for me to stay home. I feel cranky, upset, unappreciated and well, like that big pile. At work I feel like my boss is doing everything he can to make me feel uncomfortable. When I had that health inspector talk he did his talking and never listened to any of my complaints. When I come home from work I feel tired and angry and just want to go to bed. I wish I did not have a job. Here in the Netherlands you still get money when workless (I need to be fired first, so go ahead and make my day) and you even get holiday money added to it as well! Like being workless and at home all day makes you need a holiday as well. Well, it does sound good. Seeing when I get not enough sleep at night or just don't feel like it, I can stay in bed and get paid while doing so. Yeah all you need to do is solicitate every once in a while and that's it. I don't feel happy or like celebrating when being on holiday. My body can rest at home as well. Maybe even better seeing it's relaxed and easy.
So I will wave Joyce and George off and they can have a good time and I will watch the house, water the plants and pile the mail. No worries!

Just me and Chance having a relaxing time together. Yeah I did pay for that holiday, but who gives a f*ck anyway? It's only money...

So be warned that I will be able to blog when they are drinking pina colada's in the sun.


Thursday, June 04, 2009

Disneyland Paris - slideshow & vids

Here are 100 of the 134 pictures that I have uploaded to my Photobucket account. The direct link is here, if you wish to view them all and in a bigger screen. I will post a more detailed blog soon, using some of these pictures of course as well... But I did not want to keep you all waiting in vain for a glimpse at these pictures.

I have also uploaded the video's that I made to my YouTube account. Here are some of them:

Enjoy it *smile* I know I did *wink*

TTFN xxx Cynni

Tuesday, June 02, 2009

On our way home

We're on our way back home again! With tired feet, sweaty bodyparts and two good days to look back at. We just filled the gas tank again and now are really on our way back. We're expected to be home around 17:30 and 18:00. So I informed Joyce, who will inform George, and they will pick me up together. They'll also bring Chance so that she can play with Jumper again.

Last night I "left" you, just after we entered the Disney Resort park. We directly headed for Space Mountain. Waiting line was aprox. 60 minutes. Well, the weather was nice, warm, sunny and lovely, so we took our chances and went in line. Boy was that a freaking hot line for sure! At times there was some wind, which made it a bit more pleasant. But once we came to the line inside, we were wishing we were outside again! The smell of many warm, hot and sweaty people was not too pleasant. Of course we weren't fresh as daisies ourselves but still, it was the smell of others that mattered. And there were two lovely gentlemen who loved to rub up against us or stand on my heels and then smile and say sorry. Were irritating. And one of them made sure that Eva frequently got showered (how she longed for a real one with shampoo!). When we were almost there (for the ones who know the line: we were in the last hall before the stairs that go down and lead you to the platform) when there was a technical problem. Lucky for us, some people in front of us left which made it possible for us to get a bit closer to the upper platform so we could get some fresh air. After about 25 minutes, they send out test trains again, and put all the carts on the track. When they were satisfied, everyone applauded and the line went moving in a rather rapid speed again. I never had been in "Mission 2" so it was nice to experience the change of the tracks.

After that, we went to the Buzz Lightyear restaurant where I bought some pizza's and drinks. We really needed that! And I must admit, it did taste well!

Due to the technical problems, we needed more time than "planned" and it was around 14:30 after the lunch and we decided to get the key to our room. We took the bus to our hotel, seeing Eva did not want to walk...
It was not too busy at the desk and we got out keycard quickly. I wanted to walk towards the room, Eva wanted to take the car and park near the room. So we got into a cooking car, drove around and found all the parking spots near our builing full. We were lucky that our old spot was still vacant when we came back of driving around the hotel buildings. I could not stop laughing and Eva threw me a nasty look. Then we did grab our bags and walked to our room. When we found it, it was pretty warm. We tried all the switches we could find till we found the one for the ventilator. Which did help a bit. I washed my feet, which were sore from bumping them and the guy behind me at Space Mountain. And they were a bit black on the bottom. I decided to swich from my Keen Sandals to my Columbia walking shoes, seeing my left ankle started to swell (due to fluid) and my right ankle started to hurt as well. Even though my sandals were less warm, I did swich to my walking shoes. And in the end, I guess it was a smart move. When we changed clothes and shoes and felt a bit more fresh and fruity, we went back to the Disney park. By foot, that is.

Back into the park, we headed for the "Big thunder mountain". When we went into the line, there was a girl who gave us two fastpasses, still valid for 4 minutes. So we ran back out of the normal line (with a 50 minute waiting time) and ran to the fastpass line. That was definitely a much shorter line and after 10 minutes we were getting into the train. Eva filmed the ride with my camera and the lady in front of us enjoyed it a whole lot (I believe the video will show as much)... After that we were going to the "Indiana Jones" roller coaster. Eva had never been in it, so that promised to be a lot of fun. But first, we filled our empty bottles at a water hole and we saw some geez with kiddos. I made a picture and then we were on our way again. The waiting line was really huge! We had to wait for a bit more than 5 minutes to get in! I made some more pictures and Eva was worried about some dark clouds that were coming our way. But lucky for us, they passed and Eva wanted to ride the Indiana Jones line again! So there we went, again, into the Indiana Jones. After that, we headed to the "Pirates of the Caribean". Eva's favorite. I tried to make some pictures and hopefully, some did work out. Seeing it was a bit too far away to be able to use an effective flash on your camera. After this boat ride we went to the "Star Tour", seeing Eva wanted to go in it. I did like it but not that much. But no worries, it would be over soon, haha! Then we saw that it was definitely NOT busy at Space Mountain. We sneaked through it, as did the two people in front us with the same idea, and we were inside soon again. This time, they rode with less carts but still only 5 minutes waiting time. And this time, they sped it up a notch. WOW this was good stuff!

It was 8:45 pm. The park would close at 9 pm. So we visited a toilet and went to the McDonalds, outside of the park. There we ate our dinner before we headed back to our hotelroom.

When we arrived, we were sweaty, beaten up and totally tired. Eva hit the shower first, and that's when I started typing my first Disney blog. Then I took a shower, which felt delightful and soooo good! Due to previous sun burns, my skin starts to peel of (just the upper layer) and that itches! After my shower, Eva rubbed some lotion on my back which made the itching go away! *yay*. Then she went to sleep and I finished my blog before going to sleep as well.

And now I will send this update, leaving you with the promise of all the Tuesday info and of course pictures and videos soon as well!

TTFN Cynni xxx

Breakfast at the park

Hello everyone,

We're now currently at breakfast. We chose to have it in the park, and it is really delightful. It's a buffet, but so far, not too busy and with delicious stuff.

So now you all know what we're doing. After this: Space Mountain, mission 2 and then (hopefully) the tower, once again.

Cynni xxx

Monday, June 01, 2009

First Disney impressions

Sitting on my bed, dear tired, icky from sweat and ankles with elephant sizes... I am ready to tell you a bit about our first day at Disneyland Resort, Paris (France).

Last night, Eva and I went to bed around 22:45. We had trouble falling asleep due to several reasons. The main reason was the lovely hubby watching telly with surround sound. At one point I thought people were cheering for me...but it was for Bruce Springsteen, live on TV at Pinkpop... It was very warm in the Pirate room, not something I am used to anymore... That's what you get when you are spoiled with aiconditioning in your main bedroom. Then I heard a lovely musquito, aiming for me, landing on me and trying to suck all the blood out of me. He kept buzzing around me, making it:
A) impossible to sleep due to the buzing sound
B) impossible to sleep on the cover due to being stung over and over by that small freaking animal
C) impossible for me to kill him due to the fact that the walls were just white! So red stains would be noticed.

In the end I slept badly. Around 2 I needed my usual toilet brake. I went down, only to be scared by a scared Jumper who did not expect me. So she started to bark. And they did not warn me for the rack that closed off the stairs to the livingroom. So I had to calm the dog while climbing in the dark and really needed to pee. And then, when I came back, Jumper felt the need to bark yet again! Silly spotted dog!

And back to a bedroom where I lay more awake than sleeping. And when the alarm clock went off in the other room, I was already awake and getting ready... Such a shame... But ready for Disney I was.

When Eva and I were downstairs, I heard the alarm go off again. I asked if hubby was supposed to wake as well... Nope but he did so anyway. I went up to get all my stuff ready when he came by, zombie like, wishing me a good morning. Yeah it was a good one for me, even with my lack of sleep. Hihi...

Around 4:45 the gas tank was full and we were on our way. We did not see any RoPaRunners, just their cars coming our direction. Which was a good thing seing we could easily drive on. The highways were scary because we'd never seen them so empty! We made a toiletbrake just after entering France and then: Tower of Terror here we come!

We arrived around 8:30, found a parking spot and registered. Well, Eva queued for it and I headed for a toilet again. When I came back she was just checking in so I was in time. When we got our tickets we headed, by foot, to the park. We were still a bit too early for the Studio park, where the tower is located. So we entered the first bit through the main gate and then queued for the Studio park. When they opened and we finally reached the tower, the queue was not too bad. I decided to get us a Rock 'n Roller coaster ride, with Aerosmith, fastpass. When I came back, they had opened the first gate already! Where was Eva? So I sneaked through the line till I found her again. The tower is SO wicked and cool! Really well done and thumbs up! After the tower we headed for the Rock 'n Roller coaster, where is was just 10 minutes waiting time. So we decided to go in, and go in again when our fastpass was valid. The ride was loud and cool. After that we tried to grab some food, which was harder than we thought it would be. So we ended up eating an ice cream instead. And me spilling some on my trousers (lucky they could be zipped off haha!) and bumping my ankle against the concrete we were sitting on.

When the ice creams were finished, it was almost fastpass time. That meant: going again! *yay*. When we came out, we decided to check the tower line... 90 minutes... And all the fastpasses were gone! Wow! We headed for the exit, and then I spotted a photoshoot with Scully from Monsters Inc. We went in line, got our photo's taken after a while and we also made some picca's as well, seeing we wanted free pictures... Then we hit some shops, while we were heading over to the other side of the park.

When we arrived at the gates there, many people were in a line, waiting to get in. We spotted an empty entry gate and were in quickly. WOW it was freaking busy here as well!

I would love to tell you all about my day. But seeing it is 10:45 pm now, I've been up and running since 4 am, I did not sleep much and have to get up at 7 am again.. I will try to catch some ZZZ's. Eva is already passed out, but I wanted to share some of my experiences with you before laying down. I hope you liked it so far. I do have some pictures, which I will add to my Photobucket™ asap! And into my next blog entries I guess as well *winks*.

TTFN (Ta-ta for now, as Tigger always says),
Cynni xxx