Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Second half day of working again

Hello everyone,

I'm getting ready to get out of bed, make my brunch and walk with Chance. After that I will have to go to work again. Yesterday I started, working from 8:30 till 13. After that I rushed home, fed Chance and grabbed my stuff to be in time for my therapy. I had so little time that I needed to go by bike. I still am a bit scared when I am riding it alone. Still hoping nothing will go wrong... I know I am just being too careful but still...

Working and therapy went OK, but my body was very, very tired. Especially after spending last weekend with Yvonne in her new appartement in Almere (which meant sleeping on an air bed...). I did my best helping the others while they were laying the laminaat floor. Making sure everyone had a drink and sometimes handing out planks and all. On Saturday we also went to the cinema, we saw Valkerie. Ik was a very good movie, very emotional though lacking some action.

Ah well, gotta get out and get ready. I have to start working at 9am today. There will be kids coming over from a nearby school (ages 4-6). They have a Supermarket Project during which, they'll visit a real supermarket: ours. And that'll take place today.

Sending much love and hugs,
Take good care everyone,
Cynni xxx

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Starting work again soon

Hello everyone,

I know it's been a while since my last blog. But, here I am again! Today I have had a talk with my chef about returning for work, starting half days. It was a very mixed talk and somehow left me feeling kinda unworthy and strange. I guess some things were bothering him and well, seeing I cost him money due to being on sickleave both now and two and a half years ago...he needs someone to "blame" part of it on. Telling me the last few weeks of my work before surgery were below my standard... Did he ever think it might be due to the fact that sitting and walking alone hurted me? I did my best and now I feel like my best wasn't good enough. That somehow I failed in many ways. But it's not like I had much choice with the hip stuff... And now he also told me that when I am fully returned, we'll have roulating shifts that also include the evenings and Saturdays... Now I do not mind working in the evenings, but the Saturday is when I do my groceries and when I meet up with my friends which I can't see during the weekdays. Both George and Joyce have to work in the evenings so that isn't a big problem. It's just that all these years, Saturday was my day off... Weekend you know? Ah well, I am not fully back yet, first see how next week will be going... And on top of that he also informed me there might be a chance that I will have to work through him for other Supers in order to keep me working... I feel very much confused now, like I really did something bad to offend him or so... It makes me sad and a little mad at the same time. But I'll just have to wait and see how things are going next week. But the main thing that really hurt me was, that he told me I was one of the reasons things weren't going too well with the store, because mainly through me he had a high sickleave rate! I even work when I have a slight fever! I never asked for all these troubles... Never wanted it to happen.

But well, with all these mixed feelings... I guess I'll have to cope... Somehow...

Ah well, I guess I'll leave it at that for now. Sending much love to everyone!
Cynni xx

Thursday, January 08, 2009


Hello everyone!

How I long for a simple evening, where I lay myself to rest in bed and be able to fall asleep without trouble. Without irritating scars or a painful lower back. This evening I noticed I would not be able to sleep soon so I decided to just get out of bed after a while. Giving Joyce and George the chance to sleep good without my twists and turns next to them. They already had a short night the previous night... So who am I to keep them from sleeping now? George will get out of bed around 4am, since he has to leave for work at 5 so he can start at 6. He has to work from 6 till 14. Joyce has an appointment in Boxmeer and then she'll pick Chance and me up, take us to my parents and then head on for work. She has the late shift tomorrow... Mum and I will do some shopping for next week. Some things one can better take along from home. So that's what we're gonna do: get all we can not get in Germany or can get cheaper here. We are going with George's bus, and even with Chance's bench (and Chance) in the back, there's still plenty of space for loads of stuff to be taken along.

I am just listening to music and I finally went to the Corrs Fan Base board again. That's really been ages ago since I've visited the board. So I changed some profile things and made some posts. I wanted to go and post on the OMWF&F board as well, but there was not much to answer for me. And I know there are still plenty of episode posts to be made, I am now not in the mood for that. And I e-mailed Yvonne and Sjak about some music and dvd's. *wink* I wanted to e-mail Carmen as well, but I lost her address. I could text her for it, but I thought it a bit too late to do now so...

I know I can take it easy tomorrow morning, that I only need to be ready around 10:15 but still I would love to sleep at normal times, and then really be able to sleep in. But when I lay in bed, twisting and turning, I start thinking the weirdest things sometimes. And well, that often leads to even more weird dreams and all that together does not provide one with a healthy night's rest.

Even though Joyce massaged my neck and back and rubbed them in with tiger balm, it still feels like I've been hit by a big truck. And this feeling has been lasting for quite some time now. I do my exercises, watch out that I don't do stuff that I am not yet allowed to do (therapist rules) and still the aching will not go away. *sighs*

I really need to go on with cleaning up this attic room. It's quite a mess, though I am still able to find anything I'd be looking for haha! maybe that's one of the reasons that it's not cleaned up yet... Nothing's lost...yet... I've never been able to keep everything tidy. When it is tidy I can be quite proud of it but after a while the room will be just as I am... *wink*

Ah well, I think it's time I closed up shop and went back to bed again. Maybe I can sleep now... If George and Joyce weren't sleeping, I'd be laying in bed reading the "Twilight" book that Yvonne lend me. I am somewhere page 230 now and well, I'd like to know how it's going on. Though some things are a bit too predictable I think. It's a good book and a real page turner but sometimes you turn the page only to read what you've been expecting. And I like it when I read something totally different but when that does make sense... Maybe that's why I like the Christopher Golden books so much. Or the Dean Koontz books... (click on the authors names to visit their websites). For the vacation I have packed two books. The latest John Grisham and Brother Odd by Dean Koontz. I also wanted to bring a book by Christopher but we're only going for 5 days haha! That'd mean I've been reading too much. That I can also do at home. Laying in a warm jacuzzi... That I can't do at home... So well...

Wishing all a good day. Of course, I'll be back!

Ta-ta for now,
Cynni xx

Wednesday, January 07, 2009

There's still snow...and yeah, it's still cold...

Hello everyone,

here I am again. I already walked with Chance. She keeps getting crazy when I release her in the snow covered world to play around. I wonder how she will react when the snow's melted away and all is "boring" again...
I also checked the Winterberg site, checking if there's still snow. And there is, so hopefully there will still be enough for Joyce and George to have fun on and with. Or, maybe in Joyce's case, fall on to. Ow, through the website you can see some webcams... Maybe you might be lucky and see Joyce hug an tree on one of them next week *smile*

*sigh* I am watching the final episode of "Bones" season 3 and it is quite WOW... Luckily there is a bonus disc in the box with the first three episodese of season 4. Which will probably get me too hooked and just eagerly awaiting the fourth season coming out on DVD. But I haven't seen season 3 in the Dutch stores yet. So I guess Amazon.co.uk has a good customer in me. Especially when the Pound rate keeps like this *wink smile yay* But still, having to wait is no fun... I guess everyone who reads this has felt like this about something he or she eagerly wanted.

Chance has been fed after our 45 minute walk and now she is sleeping like a wonderful red rose...

Owwww I so do NOT like the end of this last episode of Bones. Why? *sobs* Not nice... I hope it will be OK in the beginning of season 4. Otherwise I will need to see where I can get the following episodes. OMG! I think I'm hooked to this serie... Haha... The next one in a big line of series to be hooked on.

I almost uploaded all the Chance images of today. Some I will post here and the rest, just check the photobucket link to see more images of Chance. From the day that we bought her until today, there are pictures in her monthly albums. Just click on the album of your choice on the left navbar and enjoy.

Just started season 4, well the bonus disc with 3 episodes of season 4 I've got and had a cup-a-soup (well, 3 to be honest). And all the pictures and video's are uploaded as well. I am still waiting for George to call me back about bringing home the groceries. It would be nice if he'd bring them seeing I have no means of transport, other than my two feet. And walking to the AH is a bit too far and complicated with the snow and ice everywhere.

Ah well, let's post some of the best Chance-in-the-snow pictures of today.

This is a vid of Chance playing with a frozen stick she dug out of the snow.

Posing, again, very nicely for another "Chance in the snow picture"

Snow-snout Chance

Having loads of fun in the snow

Being a good girl, again

For all the pictures, please check with the photobucket link.

I will go and watch more Bones now *wink*.

Take good care everyone! Ta-ta for now and I'll be back.
Just 4 1/2 more days and then 5 days of vacation.
Will try to blog from Center Parcs as well. Although posting pictures will have to wait until I am back again.

Cynni xxx

Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Still cold and there's still snow

Heya everyone,

here I am again. After posting my final blog last night, I finally fell asleep. It's still freaking freezing here and there's still enough snow for Chance to play in. So when she saw the sun this afternoon, she got really crazy. So I decided to get out with her, take the camera again and hit the road. Euh, snow in this case.

Here are some of the pictures and another video. Enjoy and please comment *smile*

*yay* I love the snow

Posing in the sun

Jumping through the snow

Running through the snow is fun

I can't stop running *smile*

Seasons come and go

A kiss so gentle as a summer's breeze
A hug so intimite as the warmth of the sun
A love to tender as the sunrays on your naked skin
How I long for the summer again

A tear so glistering as a million raindrops
A smile so faded like the autumn leaves
A breath so calmly like the rush of the sea
When autumn arrives I feel lonely

An eye so sparkling as the winter's snow
A laugh so fresh as the wind on your face
A touch so careful as walking on slippery ice
Wintertimes can be so cold

A whisteling bird announces spring's arrived
You caress me like a long lost lover
A feeling so beautiful as the smile on your face
I always feel better with you at my side

A season of laughter, of love and success
A season that carefully goes on to the next
A season to cherish each and every moment
You never know when the feelings change

© January 6th 2009

Written in bed cause I could not sleep...

Lying awake...again

While listening to two people, steadily breathing, dreaming of whatever and all, I am still awake. Normally I would get out of bed and do something in my attic room, watching a DVD or surfing on the net. But my bed, our bed, is nice and warm and I don't want to leave it. So I just grabbed my MDA and started my blog on it.

I hope you all enjoyed the vids and pictures I posted yesterday. Chance had fun making them. And I really liked the outcome of my camerawork. Please don't hesitate to place a comment on my blogs. I always like to know what my dear readers think of it. And a comment also means some more to me, since the writer has to take some more time and effort to place it. And that makes it well, somewhat special. So be sure that your time and efforts are truely appreciated.

How I long for a normal nights' rest.
How I long for a day without muscleaches.

I know I am still not 29 (four more months and a few more days to go) but sometimes I do feel like a 92 year old. When getting up (from anything, anywhere) is not going smoothly... When I want to do something all by myself and I find myself failing whatever it is I wanted to accomplish... *sighs*

And this damn cold ain't making things any better for me. I love to take walks but with all the ice and snow, I am kinda very much scared I will slip and fall in a terribly wrong way. And my latest 20cm scar isn't liking the cold either. It's so sore and hard and it hurts a whole lot. I do use a special scar ointment and that does help a bit. But that's just it, just a bit.

Due to the scar aches and my muscles aching as well, I lie awake a lot when I'd rather be sleeping. The only times when I sleep in easily is when I've had some alcoholic drinks before going to bed. NOOOO not being drunk! You need a lot of alcoholic drinks to get me drunk. Just like 3 glasses of sweet white wine... But I'd rather not get myself used to drinking each and every night. So I am awake again...

I will send this email blog update and hopefully catch some sleep shortly there after. Sjak, dunno if you read this, but I started working on your request/my offer!

Take care everyone,
Ta-ta for now,
Love Cynni xx

Monday, January 05, 2009

Cuijk in the snow

Last time I will blog today! But I wrote about posting some pictures of Cuijk in the snow, so here they come and then: I am offline for today.

The Jan van Cuijk windmill that is in our neighbourhood.

View on the Maas

View into the Hazeleger

Our garden

That's all for now folks!
Ta-ta and don't forget to comment *wink*.

Cynni xxx

More snow, more Chance

Heya everyone!

I survived the trip to the therapy and back. And then I uploaded some more pictures, read some incoming e-mails (still working on an answer for Sjak) and watched some DVD. When Joyce came home, we went for a walk with Chance and then we could also drop in at the Jan Linders for our evening meal. George told us he'd be home between 19:30 and 19:45, so we will wait for him. But after that, I will put my food in the microwave and get ready to eat (didn't want to cook...).

Today, 3 DVD boxsets I ordered at Amazon.co.uk (LOVE the low English Pound rates!) finally arrived! *yay* And Saturday I received Supernatural season 3 as well. Finally... Stupid Dutch TV DVD boxsets always take so long to come out... Sigh... Ah well, they promised us loads of cold weather for tomorrow, so I know where I'll be: inside with my laptop and a good DVD.

But I promised you some more pictures, so I will post them now.

A good girl in the snow.

"Will you play with me?"

Picture time!

Getting a cold behind in the snow

Playing with Joyce in/with the snow

Throw some more snow, please!

And a video I made this evening.

Hope you enjoyed it. I also made some pictures of the neighbourhood. Will upload them soon so I can post them as well. Please leave a comment if you like. I know I like getting nice comments to the posts I make *smile*

Have a good evening everyone. Be carefull when you need to get on the road and keep warm, it's getting cold out there!

Ta-ta for now,
Cynni xxx

Another vid

This is another video I made of Chance when we took our walk this morning. I uploaded it so you could all enjoy this as well.

Hopefully you'll enjoy it...

Much love, ta-ta for now,
Cynni xxx

Chance in the snow

Here you all can see how much Chance loves the snow *smile*.

I also made some vids, uploading one now for you all to see. So I will publish this blog in a minute, after I have the code to the video of Chance playing in the snow. I really hope there'll be snow in Center Parcs so she can enjoy it some more. And of course give me more opportunity to make pictures of it.

I will have to leave for therapy in about 45 minutes (as I am writing this) but I really don't want to. The road is slippery due to all the snow and I have to walk to the gym so well, not too enthousiastic about that. I guess, once I am busy there I will feel OK, but all the way through the snow. I am just afraid I will slip and get hurt and all. Maybe I am too cautius. I mean, walking with Chance went OK as well...

Ah well, here's the vid and I am going to prepare myself for the therapy.

Loads of love and hugs, till next time!
Cynni xxx
Hello everyone,

here I am, again. In about two hours I will have to leave the house to get to my therapy. It has snowed last night, about 5 cm (1,5 inch) of snow has covered all of Cuijk. So when I woke up around 9:45 this morning, I got dressed, got my snowboots on and took our little doggie out for a walk. I do believe that George has done the same before he went to work, but with all the snow, I saw a nice picture opportunity. So I made some pictures of the snow in our area and of course of Chance in it. I will upload them to my photobucket shortly and then share them with you all here in my blog.

I am now watching a Medium DVD (season 2) and trying to upload my pictures and add some video's to my photobucket. And I am trying to plan an interactive game weekend with some friends. But that seems quite a job to be. So I do hope we can find a date on which (most) people can join in.

I will post this blog now and come back when I have some pictures to show you.

Much love, ta-ta for now,
Cynni xxx

Sunday, January 04, 2009

A whole new year

Hello everyone,

First of all: best wishes and all the best to all of you for 2009! Hopefuly all in good health and of course with loads of fun!

Just 8 more days to go and then finally we'll be taking the mini-vacation. I am really looking forward to it, it's been such a long time and I really could use a change of scenery. Being at home has some advantages, but after a while, it can drive you nuts. You feel like the walls are coming at you and that is why I am really looking forward to our small trip to Center Parcs Hochsauerland, Germany. I soooo hope there'll be snow for George and Joyce to ski on, and for Chance to play in (with me making pictures of course) I'll pack some books, my journal, laptop and psp and OF course my bikini and ready I am. Ok ok, warm clothes are welcome as are some things one wishes to eat and drink. I'm sure we can shop there as well, but some things I'd like to bring from home so I'm sure what we've got it to use!

I am now waiting for Joyce and George to come home from the fitness. I backed them some bread (it was pre-baked, no worries!) and I did my best on hoovering the livingroom and hall. Chance leaves a trace of many dark hairs... Now both Chance and Brutus are sleeping nicely in Chance's big bed (*yay for that*). I am having a cup of tea and reading Yvonne's "Twilight" book. Chapterfour now Yvonne ;-)

Last night we played Buzz on the PS3 (I finally found a PS3 version, it was sold out everywhere I asked so far) and it was fun. I kinda kicked both Joyce and George's @$$€$ so that was pretty cool... Ha ha! Then Joyce and I played some Guitar Hero World Tour. Me on the guitar and Joyce working the drums. We still suck though, only on a beginners level for me and Joyce is still practasing on easy with the drums. It is fun nevertheless and we do hope to become as good as some of our friends are (Gin, we hail Gin!)...

Ah well, back to waiting for my lovers and back to my tea before it's cold.

Ta-ta for now everyone!
Love, Cynni xxx