Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Here I am again

ChanceAvatarSteve Hello everyone,

sorry it’s (again) been a while since my last post. There are times when I can’t seem to stop posting and there are times when I barely can find the time to sit down, relax and type…

And I have started a new blog as well. I wanted to write about my previous vacations and also about my passion for elephants. So I decided to create a new blog for that and it’s been keeping me busy for a while. If you are interested, please click this link and check it out! And of course, feel free to comment either here or there. But keep in mind I am checking the comments before posting them so spam will never get through.

The Kuukse Kroegetocht was a blast. I had a great time and the weather was just lovely. Joyce took her old digital camera and we made some pictures. I still have to upload them to my Flickr site. But, due to the faces of us and other people being on the pics, I won’t make them public. They can only be seen by my friends and family. So if you’re interested, contact me at Flickr :) But it might take a while though before I could upload them… I have uploaded many other pictures in the past and some of those are public. So if interested, just check it out!

In 28 days I am going to FedCon XX :D I am really looking forward to it. Joyce and I have gold tickets (which, unfortunately, we won’t be able to pay for next year :( ) and I think we have decent numbers. So hopefully we’ll have great seats and we can make loads of pictures. And hopefully I have bought the camera I have my eye on now, so I can make even better (hopefully) pictures…

And now I have to get ready for work again. I am still working where I started last year in July. Still no contract though, unfortunately, but one can keep hoping. I am enjoying it and it also helps me pay the bills.

Hoping you all have a great day!