Tuesday, August 24, 2010

OK here I go

I know it's been quite a while and there are, of course, many reasons and some excuses for me not blogging in such a long time. I have blogged though, but on another site under another (anonymous) name.
As I have mentioned, I have some issues that are hard. I needed a place to vent, to write whatever I felt like writing. But I thought this was not the place for such writing. So I went to another blog site and typed my fingers off (when my mood was like it). But even on that blog site, I have had periods of quiet, empty space. At times I had such big headaches that my eyes could not stand the light of my pc screen. And believe me, I always use dimmed screens, otherwise I would not be able to use the pc and/or laptop at all. My eyesight is very good but my eyes are in need on sunglasses very quickly.And at other times, my mood was like heavy thunder and lightning, so not in the writing/sharing mood at all.

But I am trying to make amends, I am trying to get back to my own blog. Of course I will also try to blog every now and then on my anonymous one. It keeps me busy *wink*.

So after several months of unemployment, I now am working again. Not (yet) full-time, but hopefully that will happen soon. It's something totally different from what I used to do. But it is very satisfying to be able to work again! I am working as an order picker and packer in a huge warehouse. Everything that is connected to pc's is handled there. I started out by picking orders, which was a whole LOT of walking and at times, quite heavy lifting. Now I am learning to pack up orders. It is a little less fun from the picking, because you have less social contact with your colleges, but it is said that when you are a god packer, you might be able to make more hours. And of course, that sounds very good to me! So well, I am doing the best I can and hope that it's enough for a full-time job.
The only bad, well not really bad though, thing is, that you start working in the afternoon and most of the time it's 22:00 or later before you get home. So no hot meals with loved ones during dinner time. No TV-shows that are aired during prime time (so happy most of the shows I follow will be released to DVD). Ah well, I am working, and that is the good part! think positive!

It's getting late and I am getting tired so I guess I will leave this post as it is now, grateful for finally posting again after such a long time.

Ta-ta for now dears!

Monday, August 23, 2010

Holiday time in Austria

Howdy folks!

Yes I am still alive. I know it's been ages... That is why I am posting a video here about my recent holiday in the Steiermark, Austria. The video is linked through my Facebook account.

I will TRY to come back here more often, no promises can be made though...

Thanks for checking! Have a nice day y'all!