Saturday, December 25, 2010


YES! Finally, today it happened... What we wanted to buy ourselves for Xmas last year, we finally bought this year! Well, I spend most money, Joyce skipped in and George will (hopefully) buy us a nice surround set next year when his all his hard work gets paid for...

So yeah, finally we ordered a new TV. And not a simple one... Nope... OK it's not the most expensive, biggest one there is... But compared to the TV we use now, this one is MIGHTY!

This is our current TV... It still works fine, but I really want a HD TV... Especially combined with our PS3...

So hopefully the store where we bought the TV online will contact us on Monday to set the delivery date. We didn't chose for the installation option (it was € 69,- I believe) since I believe we will be capable enough to do that ourselves. Now we will check the stores/websites for a good hanging system. We want to hang the new TV on the wall behind the TV we have now. But we want to be able to rotate it left and right so we need to check for the available options. Costs and all. We'll await the arrival of our new TV first haha!

I will sign out providing you the (Dutch) link to the TV we ordered so you can all get an idea of the new beauty we'll have in our living room soon ☺ This link takes you to the right page.

Have a GREAT Xmas everyone!!!

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