Wednesday, December 02, 2009

A night at the proms in Oberhausen

Yes we went to our third NOTP gig. Unfortunately, we couldn't have a meet and greet in the end (still crying deep inside about that) because all VIP stars were transported in one big bus and the driver didn't want to stop (message from Jonas on FaceBook). So that was really the only disappointment of the whole evening.

Marie went wrong with the lyrics during the second verse of "It must have been love" (she's been known to do that at times, even before the brain tumor that almost took her life). But the audience didn't care and just sang ahead so Marie could get in with us again. What a woman for not giving in! Many "outsiders" do not know that the chances Marie were given when diagnosed with the tumor were only a mere 5%. But she's a real fighter and kept hanging on for her loved ones (husband, daughter and son) and maybe even for her fans. But she's back, looking oh so fragile and vulnerable... The trouble now is, that due to the tumor, she's lost 90 to 95% of her eyesight in her right eye (please correct me if I'm wrong). That is why she's so shaky on stage: wit the darkness and flashing lights, it's hard for her to focus and see it all in "3-D". I once almost lost all my eyesight in one eye and I remember how difficult it all was back then. So that makes me even more proud to be a big fan of Marie for over half a lifetime (my lifetime that is).

One video, filmed by Joyce, is on YouTube now. Check it out!

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